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Get your man to adore you

Article by Fiona Inglis

Most of us want to have that perfect loving relationship. How to achieve this is the problem most of us face. The basic fundamental of the human nature is to be wanted, needed and most of all loved.

Whether you are male or female we all want to be loved for ourselves, this basic concept applies when you want to Get Your Man To Adore You, many women try all sorts of tricks to keep their man. You just have to look at the modern celebrity and look at the extremes they go to makeovers, plastic surgery, and do their marriages/relationships work most of the time the answer is no. You have to be wanted for who you are, not what you look like, that’s not to say you can’t keep yourself looking nice, there is a difference between caring for yourself and taking your looks to the ridiculous.

We have to learn to love ourselves for what we are, and then learn to love our partners for what they are, what we have to realise is that we are all human beings (yes even men) and nobody is perfect. Us females have all the balls in our court if you pardon the expression, and we must utilise them, to bring our man to us. Sometimes to get what we want we have to give a man what he wants, this can be a lot easier than it sounds. Men are proud beings and this can get in the way of them showing their emotions and feelings, but it does not mean to say that they don’t have any. They can be just a sensitive as we are, but upbringing and social conditioning inhibits a man from expressing his true feelings.

Men need to feel good about themselves, and we as women can accommodate this, thereby achieving what we want in the long run. A bit of flattery and letting your man feel superior and general ego stroking goes a long way to getting us what we want.

If you want to read more about relationships just click the following link, and thank you for reading.


About the Author

Hi my name is Fiona also known as Kiraminx, I’am 49 years of age, and trying my hand at article writing, for fun and information. I love dogs and cats, all animals really. Hope you enjoy reading the following article.

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