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Getting a Copy of Free Criminal Records on the Web

Article by Ben Gee

A huge quantity of Canada Arrest Records is kept in the repository of the state now. It does not come as a surprise though since Canada has more than 34 million residents. It is also a fact that it is the second largest city in the whole world when it comes to land area. All arrests made in this North American country are documented by authorized law enforcers and are stored for possible references in the future.

In its ordinary and natural sense, arrest means the deprivation of a person’s liberty. By criminal law, it denotes the seizure and taking of someone into legal custody. As a rule, police officers and other members of the law enforcement bodies are authorized to perform the arrest of someone with proper documents coming from the courts. Contrary to what others may believe, detention does not necessarily lead to one’s criminal conviction. But, it may have serious implications on the involved person.

In this country, files pertaining to crimes are maintained in the Criminal Records Information Management Services. It is a State database that is handled by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police under the Canadian Police Information Center since 1972. As a whole, it enables people to access all the conviction records that were not fitted for a pardon, all charges regardless of the nature, unsettled warrants and charges, court orders and other data that are useful for police investigations.

It is unfortunate though that this file will haunt you for the rest of your life and will be uncovered when authorized people do a criminal history check. Now, the good news is that this kind of account can be deleted from you records. In Canada, pardons are given if an individual has shown a good behavior for some time. Unluckily though, some applications for amnesty have been denied for reasons the government only know.

Notably, a pardon can only be granted by any of the following authorized officials: Governor General of Canada, National Parole Board or through an order-in-council by the federal government, depending on the nature of the crime committed. An arrest record reveals personal information of the person concerned, including photographs, fingerprints, addresses and details regarding the arrest.

Getting Free Public Arrest Records can now be done through the different government agencies or through the Internet. Turning to those online services helps you save more time, energy and money. This way, you can get the assistance from either paid or free records providers. Between these two categories of online resources, fee-based service providers offer better and satisfactory results with just a minimal fee.

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