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Getting Ranked Really Fast On Top Of Google ‘ Is It Possible?

Article by Cedric Welsch

Yes, there is a way to rank a website on top of Google fast. The real question is – how do you get a website ranked on top of the Google results pages really fast? If you know a little bit about SEO already, then you must be aware that search engine optimization involves a lot of different tasks in it. Basically, SEO is made up of two major tasks — the on-page optimization part and the off-page optimization part. Okay, assuming you already know that, I just want to let you know that I am not about to get into the details of each of these 2 major tasks. Now, you can relax. I know getting into details can be quite boring especially if these are the same details you find everywhere over and over around the subject of SEO in general.

I will be frank with you about the solution I am about to tell you with regards to getting top Google rankings really fast. Frankly speaking, if you go the usual route as everybody else is already doing – like picking your target keyword and then optimizing your website for that keyword, then you are in for an expectable real disappointment. Pardon me for bursting your dream bubble right there, but that’s just the harsh truth that most website owners are experiencing. The logical reason for this is, since everybody else is already doing what you are doing, then you are competing against them — and they against you.

A Proven Technique To Rank Really Fast On Top Of Google

The solution is — by going a different route than everybody else. What I mean by this is – you need to do something that is quite unique in approach. This way, you will avoid competition and Google has no choice but to rank your website at the very top of its search results listings as quick as you put up that webpage. I am talking about picking a target long tail keyword that has almost zero competition in it. Yes, as seemingly impossible as it may seem to you, there are indeed several long tail keywords that remain untapped until somebody else discovers them. I say this because I often find such long tail keywords every now and then.

The only catch to this technique is that you will have to exert extra amount of effort plus a considerable amount of your time since you will be in a hunting game towards those undiscovered long tail keywords. To better utilize your keyword research time and effort, find at least 5 to 10 of these keyword phrases all at once and then list them down. Now you can concentrate on building a separate webpage for each of these individual keyword phrases, and then optimize the pages accordingly.

If you follow this technique down to a tee, don’t be surprised to find your website getting ranked really fast on top of Google.

About the Author

I just finished writing a report about my secret strategy on ranking fast on top of Google. Download it here: Secret SEO Strategy To get your site on top of the search pages, hire an expert link builder

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