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Getting to grips with the precise 3D TV and where to grab a buy .

Article by Ignacio Glover

This week Katanga has released the UK’s first price comparison web page specialising in 3D TV’s. 3D has been available in movie theaters and theaters for many years and all major picture show releases are entirely in 3D or have a premium 3D feature.Such is the dominance of these motion picture shows with movie goers is that major television makers have got down to release 3D televisions for the home market. What used to be a very expensive technology is now offered up at a price which likens well to normal TVs and provides all the usual features such as HD, built in Freeview and Dolby Surround Sound but also enhances the experience with 3D.There are two main types of 3D, Active and Passive. Passive 3D is that which the cinemas have and require the blue and red disposable glasses. The 3D experience is fantastic but not as good as Active Stereo 3D which requires special battery powered glasses and synchronizes the 3D picture on the television by use of a set top infra red emitter which the glasses pick up.The image on an Active 3D television is far, far superior to passive (red and blue glasses) and if you can pay the extra premium in price then you definitely should definitely prefer to purchase one of these 3D TVs.A recent unveiling in the domain of 3D is glasses free 3D. Now this may sound spectacular , no need to purchase or have on glasses but at this present time the engineering is far from perfect. To watch in true 3D on these kind of television necessitates the viewer to be directly in front of the TV – a few degrees either side, or even stand up and the 3D effect is lost . It is not ready for the home market, is very overpriced and should not be considered for use in the home. We are keeping an eye out on this technology (pardon the pun!) but dont expect anything moderately priced or watchable without glasses for the next few years. Another major point to consider is the warrant . Try and find a store that offers a prolonged warrant although TV manufacturers such as Samsung and Philips offer a 3 year warranty as standard. For such a large investment it may be prudent to even actually buy an extended warranty if not offered . These are quite expensive when compared to standard DVD players but to enjoy full HD quality then these players are a must, combined of course with Blu-Ray DVDs although they would also play the normal ones. Many manufacturing businesses offer a package of television system and Blu-Ray player often at a very discounted price so you should explore for these when searching as they can save you a great deal of hard earned cash when compared to buying them individually . Samsung has by far the lions share in 3D television systems for the home and have a range that suits every pocket. As commanders in the field of 3D they should be at the top of your list when shopping around for and choosing a 3D TV, although other makers such as Panasonic, Philips, Sony and LG also have a estimable range.Katanga equates prices from over 20 High Street and Net only retail merchants and produces an easy to view price comparison tabular array to demonstrate would be purchasers the best destination on the internet to pick out their new HD 3D TV.

About the Author

Katanga displays reviews and technical info on the most suitable 3D TV’s in the market and offers up a price comparing feature so you can purchase the best possible high street and World Wide Web cost.

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