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Going Down Forgiveness’ Road

The rogue’s list of evil douchebags who’ve been campainging for Libby’s pardon and started this war, or played a role, are apallingly obvious in their contempt of the public: “WE don’t care what you think or what the law sez, we want our old boy freed!” Has or WILL one of them ever write a letter for the troops, like Adam Kokesh, being court marshalled for refusing to take part in this ILLEGAL invasion?! Will Donhole Rimsfeld do it? Right. Fuk I hope he ends up on a plane forced to land in Germany, then get’s his ass arrested to face war crimes charges brought in the World Court by the German gov’t.

Never before in the history of the church today has so much emphasis been placed on forgiveness and its importance to you and me and our relationship with God the Father.

God, through His Son Jesus Christ, made forgiveness of sins available to all people everywhere and not just a select few. That forgiveness however came at a dear price in that it cost Christ His life. You and I as sinners are just as responsible today for his death as it was our sins collectively that drove those spikes through his hands and feet.

To fully understand forgiveness and how it applies to us today, we must first understand the forgiveness process, the cleansing power of the blood of Christ and forgiveness of self which is hard in that as humans we tend to hang onto our personal garbage thinking we will never be good enough anyway or that God can’t forgive us for this sin or that.

Growing up in the tough environment of my home as a youngster, there was no concept such as forgiveness. You were either right or wrong, your sentence was always corporal punishment and sentence was always carried out swiftly and without regard for human life or dignity.

So as you can imagine, the thought of forgiveness let alone being able to forgive myself was a source of much emotion and a constant struggle to grasp the concept.

When I was a young man just barely in my teens, my best friend and I went to his folks’ home on the lake in Allegan Michigan. My buddy’s dad had a friend he worked with come up and stay for the weekend. With him, he also brought his kids and 2 brand new three-wheelers he had just bought for them. With great joy he informed us that we could ride these machines as well. I’d never been on anything like this before so, why not! We were riding the roads and riding the trails no problem – then, I hit a fairly deep pot hole which caused the machine to become airborne.

While traveling through the air, I saw it coming but had no way to avoid the tree that was in the middle of the trail and hit it head on. I was thrown from the vehicle and it landed on me. I wasn’t hurt but the three-wheeler was. I had cracked the fiberglass fender on one side and bent the front fork on the other.

I limped the trike back to the campground all the way contemplating my fate for this disaster. I told the man what had happened and he got up and said “Okay, let’s see the damage and see if we can fix her up!”  Together, we worked on the trike and were able to straighten everything out enough to make it work. The man looked at me and said “so, what else is wrong?” I asked him what my punishment was going to be. He said what do you mean? I said aren’t you going to hit me or something for what I did?  He said no and told me the only thing to do was to get back up and get her out riding again!

That was the first time in my life that I had ever been forgiven for anything and I couldn’t comprehend his attitude towards the situation. Pain and suffering was all I had known from my stepfather so I knew that I more than expected it when I ruined the trike.

Inside my mind, I was telling myself that I was no good, I should have been punished, that I was stupid for having the accident in the first place and if I were that guy, I would have killed

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