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Going Straight From A Pardon To The Workplace

Indictable offence convictions can follow a person around out of proportion to his danger to society if the convicted person has made every effort to be a good citizen and avoided committing any more crimes. It may be true that some people commit previous crimes before they are convicted of one but a percentage of those tend to have second thoughts after spending some time behind bars. In this sense imprisonment or large fines can act as a deterrent. However, marking that person with the stigma of a permanent criminal flag whenever his name is entered into a computer is no deterrent, so the pardons process is in place to assure that no one is forced to return to crime because of inability to get a job and meld with society once again.

In Canada the Canadian Human Rights Act assures that a person cannot be discriminated against based on a pardoned conviction. The pardoned person is guaranteed that no basic services can be denied. The person also has the right to work for a federal agency or the Armed Forces. As expected there are some common-sense safety measures, such as maintaining a prohibition against possession of firearms if the offence involved guns.

Canadians being place under arrest have the right to be told why they are being detained, the right to contact a lawyer, the right to speak to the lawyer or crown council in private, the right to be released on bail (unless there are extenuating circumstances), and to have the charge brought to trial within a reasonable amount of time. The accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty and has the right not to be required to testify at his trial if that is his wish. Most importantly there is the right to be pardoned after the prescribed time period, which is five years after completing a sentence for an indictable offence and three years after a summary offence.

Parliament rules can be modified by the Supreme Court of Canada and this has happened on the issue of having the right to remain silent when arrested. No longer do arrested suspects have the right to remain silent in Canada. This was the subject of a Supreme Court decision (R. v. Singh (163 C.R.R. (2d) 280) where the suspect asserted a right to remain silent 18 times. The police continued questioning him after each of the 18 assertions that were made. The Supreme Court ruled that this continued questioning, in spite of protests by the accused, is consistent with Canada’s Charter of Rights and protections.

Suspects with previous criminal records can expect to be questioned at considerable length in situations where accomplices or criminal superiors might be involved. Courts may offer leniency in sentencing those who have cooperated but once a sentence is imposed and served, the released prisoner still must apply for a pardon to be seen as an honest citizen and to have full freedom to be allowed back into the workforce.

Most Western nations are giving the benefit of the doubt to those who have served their sentences, paid their fines, and completed any probations issued by the Court. There are private companies who assist people to obtain pardons by doing a criminal record search for the details and helping them to prepare applications to go through the pardons process. These companies will also prepare U.S. Entry Waivers if needed to enter or work in the U.S. The pardons company can also apply for non-conviction arrest record file destruction if the case meets all the requirements. Arrest records remain on file in Canada but are not necessarily a barrier to employment, crossing borders, or being granted child custody. The pardons company is a handy one-stop catalyst to clear the way for a normal life.

Pat Boardman is an SEO Consultant and published novelist writing this in regards to Assured Pardons, a National Company with offices in Toronto and Vancouver to assist those with criminal records to obtain a pardon, a U.S. entry waiver, and to help with criminal record destruction to clear arrest records where no conv

An Afghan woman who was imprisoned for adultery after she had reported that she had been raped is free following a pardon from Afghan President Hamid Karzai. However, circumstances around her release remain unclear. Original reports say that as a condition of her release, she had agreed to marry the man who raped her. Kimberly Motley, the woman’s lawyer, tells Al Jazeera from Kabul that the presidential palace assured her no such conditions were set on the woman’s release.

Question by Steve C: Should there be a review process for pardons?
I am not taking either side on this issue, as both sides have pardoned people that should be in jail, but do you think that pardons should have to pass some sort of review by impartial parties to assure that the pardons are not letting people free that are accused of serious crimes?

Best answer:

Answer by Thomas G
No. Either the power to pardon should be removed from the Executive (Governors of States can pardon as well) or it should be left alone and we deal with it as we historically always have

To add a layer of review just adds more bureaucracy to a system that has too much all ready

Personally i think it should be removed it is a hold over from the power of the King to pardon and the Executive: president or governor is Not a KING

Add your own answer in the comments!
VP Binay: Malaysia pardons three Pinoys on death row
Three overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) on death row have been pardoned by the Malaysian government, Vice President Jejomar Binay said on Wednesday. In a post on his Twitter account, Binay thanked the Malaysian government for the gesture.
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8 Responses to “Going Straight From A Pardon To The Workplace”

  • grips:

    Scooter wasn’t pardoned—–his jail sentenced was commuted. He still has a criminal record and has to pay a $ 250,000 fine. Besides, the President’s right to grant pardons is in the Constitution. You would have to go thru an admendment process to change it.

  • slipperypickle:

    I think pardons should be forbidden when there is a conflict of interest such as a president pardoning another political figure.

  • John K:

    No. Then it would not be a true pardon. The power to pardon is vested solely in the President. Governors also have the power to pardon.

  • en tu cabeza:

    Should there be a review process for your brain? I’m not sure it would make it through.

  • Gottlos:


  • mustardseed:

    ya sure, especially after what clinton pardoned! damn, especially after clinton….have you seen his list of pardons? DOJ list below….wow, racketeering, fraud, drugs….boy howdy, bring it on! what a guy!

  • justagrandma:

    They do have guidelines actually, not with the force of law, but Bush said that he would observe the guidelines put forth by the Justice Department. But, cleverly he did not pardon Libby, he commuted his sentence and once again danced around the law and his buddy went free.
    Among the guidelines for a presidential pardon is that they must have served time, and expressed remorse, neither of which Libby did. Libby would not have qualified for a pardon so they had to find something else and of course they did.
    Meli, no disrespect, but I didn’t quote a headline, I actually read the law, then drew a conclusion. Its unrealistic not to think something is being hidden when, Libby did not petition for a pardon, or a commutation, which is what you are supposed to do, thus short circuiting a probe into the Plame affair, which is still in the civil court. This has effectively shut down the investigation. Thats wrong and I don’t care which party did it.
    There is no review, none, it is a power of the Presidency.
    Period. Again, there is only a DOJ guideline without force or penalty. Lets stop making up things the way you want them to be and deal with what is the fact of the matter.

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