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Golf For Beginners: A Newbies Approach

Article by Alex Alexander

When I first watched people playing golf, I thought to myself “How ridiculous is that, hit a ball, chase it and hit it again to see how long it takes you to get it in a hole.” That was until I played. I was hooked almost immediately, and still am. That was some 20 years ago. I am going to attempt to impart how to golf for beginners in this article because I still remember what it is like to learn the game (and still learning), so here goes.The game of golf is one of great swings (pardon the pun) from nuggets of brilliance to depths of despair, particularly when you are just beginning. It is important to stay focused on each task at hand and attempt to stay in that moment without letting distractions take hold of your psyche. This is even more true when referring to that little voice inside your head that is trying to make sure that you are holding the club correctly, standing in the right position, addressing the ball correctly, using the right tempo, starting the back-swing on the right plane, keeping your left arm straight, don’t over swing, make sure you move your hips into the direction of the balls flight path before making contact with the ball, making solid contact, blah, blah, blah You get the picture. When just getting started, try to focus on some very basic fundamentals. Here are some tips for the beginner:Make smooth even strokes and avoid trying to “crush” the ball. This will only frustrate you when you watch the ball careen off the ground six feet in front and ten feet to the right of you. Driving for show will come later when you have garnered some muscle memory and control. Then you can let it rip! But for now slow and steady.Make solid contact and swing slowly. You will be surprised at just how far and straight a well struck golf ball will travel even when you are not using much force.Keep your head down. What does that mean? Just what is says. When you make contact with the ball, see the club head move across the tee. You should still be able to see the empty tee after striking the ball. If you don’t the tendency will be for you to lift the club head at impact and “top” the ball making for a rolling tee shot that does not go very far.Swing with your torso. It took me a long time to get this. When you begin your back swing drag the club head across the ground and move your whole upper body. This gets the hips in the correct position for the down swing.Just as you begin your down swing move your hips in the direction of the ball trajectory. This is where the power comes from and it aligns your upper body for good contact with the ball.Follow through. This is an important one. Every time I am striking the ball poorly this is usually what is wrong. how to play golf, After you have made contact and you have kept your head down make sure that you finish the swing, all the way to the point that your body is facing the direction that you want to the ball to fly and your right forearm is next to your left ear. If you don’t follow through you are reducing the power of the work that the club is doing how to golf.If you work on these few key components and be patient you will be well on your way to enjoying a great sport. Obviously these tips are for geared more for tee shots but the fundamentals will apply for other shots as well. Watch for future articles on other aspects of the game. Enjoy golfing tips!

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