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Good Hair: Why Good Hair Is Causing Serious Relationship Damage

Article by Roy Primm

Good hair the movie is schedule for release next week. The documentary created and produced by comedian Chris Rock explores the behind the scenes world of African American hair. But more importantly it outs the conversations that were once only discussed behind closed doors and only with close family or friends. The documentary explores the huge part good hair plays in the self image of many African Americans, specifically women and girls.

African Americans term “good hair” as locks that’s soft, long and flowing in the wind, the kind most Europeans like also. The revealing documentary reveals the length (pardon the pun) scores of women will go through to get the look. Many viewers will be surprised at the pain, time and cost millions of African American women go through to get that certain look. The controversy has taken on a life of it’s own as more women have had enough of going through the painful perms, the 8 hour marathon weave sessions and ,000 a month hair maintenance bills.

These issues may pail in comparison to the reported relationship problems a growing number of women are having with the men in their life. Not only the strain it can put on a married couples finances, many report paying upwards of ,000 a year to maintain their extensions. This expense includes touch-ups, re-weaving, shampooing and styling. The other relationship issue is touching. “The number one rule for men whose women have weave extensions is don’t touch,” says one frustrated sounding husband from Atlanta. “Some of the biggest scolding I’ve had recently was when I touched my wife’s hair accidentally in bed.”

More African American women are choosing to go natural, by going to the more economical locs, twist and braids. But the fact remains whether socially, career-wise or commercially society still feels most comfortable with African American woman who has the European long, flowing hair that blow in the wind. The documentary explores this concept in a humorous way only the genius of Chris Rock can pull off.

Although the documentary explores the African American women’s perspective on good hair and the pain many will go through in the name of beauty. This is a universal lesson for everyone and an encouragement to explore what you’re personally willing to go through and pay for the privilege of beauty and acceptance by others. Good hair has a unique message that will help many people focus on what is really important and a priority in their personal life.

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