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Good karma- iYogi

Article by Johny Smith

Wayne Dyer sometime said- “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”. Caring for an aging or chronically ill relative is hard enough without tracking doctors’ appointments, juggling prescriptions, or remembering when your loved one is supposed to take what medicine. Just exactly an ill person needs medicine similarly an ill computer needs a tech support.Pardon me while I faint. I just had another amazing experience with iYogi regarding my niece’s laptop of course. It had to do with the difficulty in downloading some episodes of this new video version of the TV cartoon series “Flintstones”. My niece recently started watching this series off the TiVo, but I hadn’t seen all the episodes, so I thought I would give it a whirl. And then I downloaded a couple of episodes and thought of seeing them in my VLC player. They aren’t the greatest quality at full screen on my laptop, but they’re tolerable. I was enjoying my episodes and I suddenly realize that the episode “Cave Scout Jamboree” wasn’t in the list of videos. When I went to download again my VLC player wasn’t accepting it to play. I tried twice and thrice but no luck. I suddenly lost my temper, and I was prepared for the protracted battle of navigating impersonal customer support Web sites, solution databases, and whatnot. And I was also very scared facing my niece who was supposed to be backing home from the market and will continue watching it. Well, that got my dander up! I fiddled around with the net searching for the reason for it but I have been very unfortunate to get nothing in return. Suddenly the thought of iYogi just hit my mind. I rushed to their website and read the FAQ, and sent off a sharp request to be helped. I got a confirmation e-mail immediately and an answer in my in-box the next morning. The email was completely explained the problem that was the compatibility issue and the steps to be conducted for getting this issue resolved. I followed the instructions, and it worked well. And now I can see that episode again and again. I wish could have gotten a response right away, but as it goes, it was pretty timely and complete. I somehow managed my niece presenting her two full boxes of chocolates. The iYogi response also had tips on backing up my data to make sure I didn’t lose it again. Finally, about three days later I got a request for a survey to evaluate how good the service was. The funniest question on the survey was whether the tone of their response had been hip or conservative. Umm & neither, but OK. I chose conservative. And iYogi has always been there for me. I have been there card holder for eleven months now cannot conceive a time of not having the reliable friend in my wallet. I have had occasion over the years to have emergencies arise and iYogi has been able to assist me virtually every time. Whenever I have called I have ALWAYS been treated with the utmost in courtesy and respect, with my questions being answered promptly and accurately. This is one of the reasons iYogi grabs the market more or less. It always has the most reliable service. They are those cool workers providing good service. That’s why it’s called Good Karma!

About the Author

Johny Smith is an expert author of Tech industry and contributes his valuable thoughts for IT industry readers. He has many published articles on technology and internet. He loves gardening, reading and spending time with his family.

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