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Great Resource to Learn About E-Discovery of Social Media Content

Article by Bill Jawitz

PreambleThough it can be dangerous to use absolutes, I’m comfortable asserting that everyone who uses a computer regularly in the course of their work spends a significant amount of time searching longer than they’d like to for information they need. Whether, it’s a document, an email, an image, or a blog post, you’ve had to look for things you thought you could locate immediately but couldn’t.Several studies of “knowledge management” practices calculate the annual dollar value of the time a knowledge worker spends searching for information to be at least 10% of his or her salary. When you add up your payroll, you can see the impact quite dramatically.That’s why I’ve previously recommended that all lawyers and support staff get, learn, and use the best search tool available. That tool is called X1. ( X1 is not only the leader in desktop and networked search, it’s the emerging leader in e-discovery search.Pardon the jargon, but it’s truly a game changer and it’s extremely affordable. You can download a free trial copy. You’ll wonder how you worked without it. It will save you hundreds or thousands of hours within a few short years. (And no, that’s not hyperbole.)Now on to the resource mentioned in the title of this postX1 has added “Social Discovery” to its lineup and is providing a complimentary 1-hour webinar on social media discovery this coming Wednesday, March 28th at 10am PST / 1pm EST.If you’re a litigator, this will soon be relevant to your practice (if you’ve not encountered it already). Even if you’re not a litigator, it looks to be an eye-opening presentation.Get more information and register here.From the info page about the Webinar:”Evidence from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking sites is now commonplace in litigation. However, despite extensive discussion on this topic, little direction has been given on how to actually collect, process and review social media evidence in a routine and scalable fashion, consistent with best practices- until now. D4, experts in computer forensics and collections, just recently had a case involving the capture of several dozen Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, which amounted to over 2 Million items from those. With X1 Discovery’s new investigative tool for social media, X1 Social Discovery, they pared down the item count to roughly 7,000 items, in a matter of days, which normally would take a litigation support team weeks or months to accomplish. In this Webinar you will: Learn practical applications for searching, collecting and authenticating social media evidence; Hear about recent social media discovery case studies; Gain best practices for investigating social networking sites; Learn about emerging technologies and effective tools that can be applied to the challenges you face today for social media discovery.”If you attend and you find it valuable, drop me a line. I’d love to know.

Bill Jawitz, Practice Advisor with, has been consulting with lawyers to become more profitable and enjoy a higher quality of life since 2002.

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