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Greezy Joe Kicks Out The Tropical Rock Jams With Sail On

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by jvoves

Article by Amitosh Kumar

Work, with a label like Greezy Joe and the Cheap and Easy Band, how can three guys go off iniquitous? While the lyrics to Greezy Joe’s trop rock entrance LP, Sail On, certainly aren’t Jimmy Buffet genre after it comes to cleverness, verbal dexterity, and focus of a phrase, at hand are moments on this LP to facilitate bake you go off, “Gosh darn, it’s accomplished to be alive at present.” One of the favorites around at this juncture is the song “Tap Dancing Down Jackass Alley,” which is a accomplished as everything the aforementioned Captain Buffett has eternally completed.

Other highlights are “Rum,” “Hot and Bothered,” “Back to the Island,” and “Sail On.” On the downside is the slushy, “She’s My Hero,” inspired by the Jessica Lynch POW scene but, since Joe is an ex-navy pilot, we’ll give out him points in lieu of effort. The entire machine sounds like a fourth grade literature assignment to us.

A funny span was to include interludes connecting songs, dialogue snippets connecting gang members, wherever they discuss issues of ultimate magnitude like:

Where are Joe’s pants?What to make sure of after you’re 4 hours delayed in lieu of the recording session?Exactly whom must be kicked absent of the gang?Which non-songwriter must understand to bear a song on the LP?How to raise the hotness level of gang groupies?While this preliminary effort from Greezy Joe and compadres sounds underproduced and home-studio-ish on period, especially after compared to Buffett’s 943 example gang and 7,000 layered tracks of multi-million money sound, who cares? This is accomplished stuff, with an island vibe from start to rub. The calendar day we stumbled across Greezy Joe was a accomplished individual. There are too only some island balladeers putting absent accomplished song these days, and Bubba’s not getting some younger. After a fasten of listens, you’ll likely start to skip a only some tracks but the ones you focus individual provide ample of tropical, feel accomplished, kick back in the hammock with a bottle of Captain Morgan’s, two liter of Mountain Dew, and expend a only some hours loosely paying attention on the horizon sort of vibe.

I ain’t a song expert but I know I beg your pardon? I like. You can plant this issue from Greezy Joe and the Cheap and Easy gang reasonable up at hand with minor luminaries of the tropical song event like Howard Livingston. We hear Joe’s two consequent releases began to incline in the direction of the realm fringe, which makes me a louse panicky, but I’ll reserve reasoning until I give out them a listen in. Get back to you anon on to facilitate. For nowadays, if you’re a Buffett fan who’s worn absent his seventh carbon copy of Margaritaville, there’s a very accomplished fortuitous you’ll observe something on this collection of songs to like.

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