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Half of Britons “worried about credit card fraud”

Article by Defense Lawyer

According to source, Nearly half of British people are concerned about falling foul of credit card fraudsters, a poll suggests.

Payment systems group ACI Worldwide asked Research Now to question 4,200 people on its behalf.

Its survey found that 48% of respondents were worried about having their credit card stolen or cloned and losing money as a result.

The majority of people involved in the poll said the recession had increased their concerns, with 36% claiming they could not afford to lose any money.

However, 9% admitted to keeping their pin number with their credit card, thereby increasing their chances of financial loss.

Andy Morris, risk business solutions consultant at ACI Worldwide, said: “When it comes to fraud, prevention is obviously better than a cure.

“Banks need to continue to inform consumers about how they can protect themselves against fraud.”

The importance of credit card security has been highlighted by a recent increase in the number of card skimming devices placed on payment keypads at train station ticket machines.

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