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How Can You Lose Fat In Your Face? Here Are 9 Tips You Can Use For A Fat Face Appearance

Article by Sue Bristol

How can you lose fat in your face? Though it’s not possible to target only the face, here are 9 tips I hope that you can use for a fat face appearance.

There’s really only one definitive way to slim down the face, and that is to lose fat everywhere else too. If you have “a cherubic face” that seems to invite folks to pinch your chubby little cheeks, it’s safe to assume that you are a bit “plump” elsewhere too.

It is obvious that the first part of the body others will notice is the face (how else would they identify us?). The face is also the first part of the body to show a change in weight. Most of the rest of the body is covered, and therefore not so “in your face” (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Does that mean you are destined to have a fat face forever? Let’s talk about it:

Here are the 9 Tips for helping you with a “fat face”:

A fat face is often the result of water retention. A bloated appearance of the face can be relieved to some extent by reducing salt intake. Hide the salt shaker and limit high sodium foods such as canned soups, soy sauce, most restaurant foods, ham, and pre-packaged, ready-to-eat meals.Cut back on alcohol consumption. Drinking too much may be the whole cause of the facial bloating.Reduce your intake of refined sugar (found in beverages sweetened with sugar, candy, pastries, and other foods). Read the label.Check with your health care provider to make sure you don’t have underlying kidney, liver, or heart disease. While you’re there, ask him or her to take a look at your over-the-counter and prescription drugs to determine whether those with side effects of fluid retention could be exchanged or eliminated.If your face is chubbier than you would like, you might take a look at your genes as well. Do you look just like plump little Aunt Martha or the jovial Uncle Marvin? If it’s in your make-up to have a heavier appearing face there are still things you can do:Ask the lady at the department store cosmetic counter to give you some tips on how to use make-up to create the look of a thinner face.Consider attractive new glasses to deflect the eye from the extra tissue around your lower face and throat. Eye-catching earrings will also do the trick.Make sure your teeth are in good shape. Use an over-the-counter teeth whitening product to make those pearlies shine!Smile, smile, smile! Once others see how sweet you are, who cares if your face is a bit chubby?

A few extra ounces on the face is not the end of the world. Extra pounds on your body, however, may have serious consequences.

If you are overweight, you need to get started on a plan to get the weight under control. You don’t like how you look and how your clothes fit, but more importantly, extra weight puts us at risk of developing serious medical conditions: diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, some cancers.

Start today to get your weight under control.

Sue Bristol is a registered nurse and likes to shares his experience as a professional so that people may use his suggestions to live a healthy and active life. In this article he has just picked one of the common problem: Fatty Face, that is faced by many people around the globe, and sensing that only he had suggested some easy ways to deal with it. In his words: “get moving and lose weight, and your face will benefit”! When you just keep moving and leave the tension about how to lose weight, you will automatically be losing weight because the Diet Meal Plans that are suggested by Sue Bristol are the result of the years of his experience.

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