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How Do You Find A Good School In Spain?

Article by Sam Tonzenger

Spain is no longer strictly for retirement. There are numerous young working families now choosing to move to Spain and seeking a better life. Before they move, they should think about education. How do you find a good school in Spain? Pre-school (3-5 years) is encouraged in Spain and is free. In their 6th year. children move to compulsory primary schools. Primary schools have 3 cycles (ciclos) and divided into 4-year groups. The cycles are 6-7, 8-9, and 10-11. Following the primary school, children move to their local secondary school between 12 and 16 years.

Public schools are tuition free but parents provide supplies for their children in Spain. Some official agencies as Andalucia, run programs that pay for core textbooks. These are offered to those children whose families can’t afford supplies. Uniforms are not usually worn instate schools. Upon receiving a Graduado en Education Secundaria (graduation certificate), compulsory education ends, and the 16-year-old child is faced with four options. Spain has a Bachillerato pre University program lasting two years. The second alternative is Vocational training. A third alternative offers Garantia Social a 1 year (internship) at learning a profession. The fourth option is to go directly out to the employment market.

Upon successful completion of the two year Titulo de Bachillerato the student can go directly into University or following successfully passing an entrance exam attend Prueba de Aceso a la Universidad. Following the two years Bachillerato they also have the alternative of Ciclos Formativos de Grado Medio (Technical College).

Your child will learn Spanish very quickly at a local Spanish school and allow you to become part of the community. Locating a school in Spain is best undertaken through your town hall. Some village public schools have their own administration offices although they tend not to be in the school. Be certain to carry passports Take Certificados de Registro, pardons, passports, and birth certificates.

Private and international or foreign schools are another alternative. An international or foreign school might be best for your child if they’re of secondary school age. Difficulty with learning Spanish could impact negatively. International schools teach students in English and augment the day with Spanish lessons.

Research foreign schools online to discover what is available in your area. Then find out if there are spaces available. Do this especially if you reside in an international area. International and private schools. Including foreign institutes charge tuition and require children to be uniformed. The Spanish school year is short — September to mid June. All stat holidays are observed and Christmas and Easter very are short. There are various celebratory and fiesta days off and before you know it, your children will be fluent in Spanish and enjoying their new life.

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The free-lance writer Sam Tonzenger is very passionate about problems related to living in barcelona spain. His observations on find a school in spain are found on http://www.spain-tips.com .

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