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How Do You Look For the Best Omega 3 Dietary Supplements?

Article by Peter Leigh

The sales of Omega3 health supplements, or what can often be called fishoil supplements, are increasing quicker than almost any other nutritional supplements ever. And for good reason. But you could be pardoned if you are just a little confused about how to pick the very best Omega3 health supplements.

To begin with let’s think about why product sales of fish oil dietary supplements are expanding so quick. It’s because there is a large and continuously growing body of scientific proof that is supporting the most robust conclusion that many people are lacking in the efa’s called the Omega 3 fats, namely DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid), and that this deficit is resulting in serious health conditions in our society.

A while ago it could probably be asserted that this was fringe science. Nevertheless that’s now no longer the case. Auguste organisations like the American Heart Association now give clear recommendations that tell us all to increase our intake of the fatty acids found in fishoil.

It’s also quite clear that over the last century our intake of fish, and so of the Omega-3 efas, has decreased considerably. Seafood, and particularly fish, is by far the most important contributor to Omega-3 fats in our diet.

The health benefits that have been established to flow from increasing your intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids are too numerous to cover. It’s sufficient to say that one of the health benefits includes a reduction in the chance of dying from heart attack. This is a pretty significant benefit.

But, given that there’s a variety of fish oil dietary supplements in the marketplace, how can you choose the best Omega-3 dietary supplements? Good question.

Whilst it’s both EPA and DHA which are crucial to your health, the more crucial is DHA, that makes up a large proportion of your brain. If you are buying fatty acid supplements you’re primarily buying the DHA content. So it’s possible to compare the cost of different brand names by dividing the quantity of DHA in the capsule by the price of the pill.

It is not feasible to produce a direct comparison of the different pills by price because the quantity of DHA in each varies extensively.

Doing that comparison is really a revealing exercise and shows large variations in the price of the DHA that you’re buying.

You should also think about the purity of the fishoil used in the individual capsules. Some firms buy fish from wholesalers, and it is often not known exactly where it comes from. Much of it comes from the seas between the European union and America, and the waters are very highly polluted.

Issues such as Mercury and PCB contamination are real.

However the best Omega 3 supplements use oil from fish found inside the Southern Ocean, that is considerably cleaner. This one thing though is not enough. All fishoil capsules should also undergo a process of purification, and you also ought to be able to satisfy your self about the cleanliness of the pills by seeing a completely independent Certificate of Analysis that the company that makes the capsules should put up on its web site for customers to see.

The best fish oil capsules are produced by a business which sources it’s fish directly from fishermen who catch their fish in the Southern Ocean, they normally use a private decontamination process in the event of any left over contamination, have their oils regularly examined by an independent laboratory and release the resulting Certificate of Analysis on their website.

You will find that this is rare amongst Omega3 supplement manufacturers.

Last but not least the best fishoil health supplements use the freshest fish oil. Oil from fish will go off, or go rancid, exactly like other things, and it does. If you’re getting “fishy burps” from your supplements odds are the oil is rancid. Some firms use masking aromas to overcome the smell of rancid oil.

The manufacturer of the best Omega 3 health supplements makes every effort to make sure their fish are processed as fast as possible to overcome problem.

You may be persuaded now that you too should be taking fatty acid supplements. But the standard of the health supplements differs widely.

Visit my site to discover which organization manufactures the freshest and purest fishoil health supplements, that are extremely competitive in cost on a cost per unit of DHA basis.

About the Author

Need to locate the best Omega 3 supplements? Or to learn much more about the best fish oil supplements on earth? Visit Peter’s Website Healthy Omega 3 Fish Oil.

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