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How NOT to Choose an SEO Company

Article by Amitosh Kumar

If some of you are great big fans of Indiana Jones like myself, after that you’ll contract the headline beyond. If not, after that you chose poorly whilst it came to action-packed 1980s cinema.

But an adequate amount not far off from Dr Jones and his whip-cracking escapades. This article is not far off from something equally exhilarating – search engine optimisation.

Clothed in regard, it’s not far off from SEO companies using spamming techniques to generate organization…

If like me, you receive hundreds of spam emails both daylight hours, after that you’ll know pardon? A nuisance they can be. Of classes not all of them are. Some of them offer fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime economic opportunities. I’m at present assisting the queen of Brunei to smuggle $ 100 million barred of the tiny, oil-rich Sultanate. He says I’m going away to be handsomely content, and he wouldn’t lie down not far off from with the aim of.

I’m still perplexed as to why he contacted me, but that’s not of great consequence appropriate in a jiffy. I’m going away to be rich.

Anyway, emails from oil-rich Sultans and friendly Nigerians with voluntary lodge bills are increasing by the daylight hours. And so are solicitations from search engine optimisation companies “guaranteeing” me top Google rankings in place of some keyword I hunger.

Yep, that’s appropriate. I recently traditional a a small number of emails from SEO companies, too. And with the aim of got me thinking… If they’re continuing to send out barred these kinds of emails, after that the practice is evidently working.

So I thinking I’d sit down and mark this article to tip off citizens with the aim of SEO companies who send out barred “unsolicited” emails are nothing more than spammers. And if this is the way they procure organization, after that you can be pretty really with the aim of they’ll be using spamming techniques in their SEO strategy as well. I mean, these are noticeably not the sort of companies who solitary employ ethical “white-hat” SEO techniques to boost their clients’ rankings!

I’m a casual copywriter and I’d in no way hallucination of spamming people’s inboxes. Firstly, I wouldn’t be able to take the rejection, but secondly, it’s immediately not the way I like to resolve organization.

So if you’re thinking of hiring an SEO company to convalesce your website’s rankings, after that whatever you resolve, don’t hire single with the aim of sends barred spam emails to everybody and everybody. If you hunger to attitude a ability of level in place of your highest keywords, after that it’s categorically crucial with the aim of you wear out solitary white-hat and ethical SEO methods, for the reason that if you contract on Google’s abuse piece, it’s getting increasingly tough to backtrack.

An SEO copywriter like myself will be able to help you with your on-site optimisation, and I’ll besides be jovial to propose selected high-quality SEO companies to wear out. But if you function it forlorn, kind really with the aim of you explore the company fully, and employ a safe with the aim of has the superlative interests of your company by the side of feeling.

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