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How Not To Get Your Ex Back – Breakup Blunders That Will Kill Your Chances

Article by John Revilinsky

In your wild efforts to block a break up in a relationship and the hope to bring back your ex, you might actually be making a big mistake all the way. You might, in fact, be making matters even worse instead of increasing your opportunities of winning your lost ex back.

Are you committing any of these ten breakup blunders?

When you communicate to your ex-partner that giving up on your relationship is not the best solution. This may not dissuade them to stop the breakup instead they start thinking what a wrong decision it was to tie up with you to begin with.

1. Touching Base immediately after a breakup

A call too quickly after the break up can be very suffocating, since your ex wants some space now, otherwise why would she or he leave?

Drunk Dialing:

Alcohol can play havoc with your emotions right now as soon after a few drinks you feel like to talking to your ex.

Sending mailbox full of emails or countless messages on voice mail Mostly these don’t help and make the recipient go further away.

Expressing feelings of loneliness and depression to your ex-lover since the breakup Maybe you are thinking that you are likeable to your exwife softer emotions, but actually you are showing to be exceedingly intense and revealing signs of utter despair. Psychologically speaking this case of behavior is termed as -manipulative’ and could backfire badly in any relationship.

Continuously debating about the breakup, harping about the past and bringing back memories of positions that are best forgotten This would doubtlessly draw attention and could maybe result in some conversation but think about it, is this the way you would like to utilize your time? This is really ineffective both in the long and short term and someways keeps you where you began.

Professing your undying love over and over: Even if your ex fully understood and accepted your unfading affection, this is not the time to confess such emotions or why would they leave in the first place? It’s time to take a some other position and study what went bad with the relationship rather than thinking that true love will capture all.

2. Forever expressing how sorry you are

It is possible that you hurt your partner like seeing someone else or not living by your commitment. An apology is in order, but you have to know the proper way to make an good apology and rarely anyone knows how to do this. You also need to be mindful not to ask for a pardon too early. Just In Case you think you have not done anything which demands you saying sorry, then you are being unreasonable with yourself as you are making important compromises here and that is not a bold trait in one’s character.

3. Trying to make your ex-lover jealous:

This might work temporarily as most people are possessive by nature, but it cannot affect the grounds for the break up or better the situation in any way. Just In Case you are trying to use clever maneuvering methods to get back your ex-lover, what would come about is that the relationship would turn very complex, which would be hard to maintain in the long run.

4. Imploring with them to help you come back

Let us get one thing clear here. If you were capable and emotionally strong, you would never feel such a strong urge to get someone back to your life, which demands begging on your knees. Now that you are aware of the common bungling which individuals end up doing trying to get back their ex, it is time to view things with a fresh outlook and find which went wrong when and how and then devise methods to correct them and then you could chalk out a more strategic plan to get back your lover.

Just break up?

Here’s how you should contact your ex after a breakup

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