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How Post-slave Psychology and Afrocentricity are Joining With Colonialism to Undermine Black Africa’s Cultural Integrity

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“What is Wrong with Black People?” (ISBN 978-1-84799-323-6), is the book in which the answer to this question can be found. In fact, this is a book that simply personifies a totally different type of intuition, where the most unsuspected – yet, the most damning – causes of the suffering of the people of Africa as well as the struggles of their brothers and cousins of the West are not only laid open with courage, but also resolved with vision, for a greater understanding of the true needs and aspirations of Africans in today’s world.

Please read Author’s Introduction to the book:

The very simple reason why I want to face up to the question as to what is wrong with Black people is because there is so much that has been said and written about it, but which, far from improving the Black man’s condition, has rather made things even worse for him, due to a set of oxymoronic conceptions and psychotic attitudes that have been spawned by the emotional dispositions of most – if not all – of the best known scholars and intellectuals who have, thus far, attempted to explore the issue.

Therefore, what we are going to do in this book is to clarify a number of things related to the most fundamental misconceptions that have resulted from these dispositions; misconceptions that have remained almost totally insurmountable to the rest of us.

By so doing, what we are going to achieve is to show where they are all missing the point. We are going to put into the open the true reasons for the Black race to have become a Karmic target on earth. And our main objective in this exercise is to suggest a more effective way to break the Karmic cycle, to turn the Black man into a dignified human; a human that it shall no longer feel so good to brutalise anywhere in the world.

We are prepared to achieve this by all means that abide by the Laws of the Spirit. If it ought to take altering Karmic targets, then we are going to have to do it that way for the sake of the Black man’s redemption and dignity in the world. We are going to have to make it possible for another race to take the place of the Black race in this bad Karma; or we are going to have to force God to cancel the bad Karma altogether.

But, in order to do either, we need to be enlightened, wise, objective, and courageous enough to confront some discomforting issues that have taken the bad habit to make people cringe. We need a serious anti-allergy treatment – anti-political correctness therapy – if we should ever be able to make sense of what is actually wrong with Black people; and perhaps, too, to make sense of what is wrong with White people on their side, since they are the main torturers or Black people; but above all, to make sense of the point that we are all missing in the debate on what is now known as the African condition.

To prepare the reader to the type of methodology that we are going to employ all along this exploration, I need to undo the riddle as off now, with no need to beat around the bush, by enunciating that the point that we are missing in this debate is an anthropological point; and perhaps a spiritual point too; but anthropology is above spirituality.

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