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How to Apologize With Style. Four Quick Steps to Saying Sorry

A letter to James and Ann by ANNA IDA in behalf of all poppers 🙂 Dear James and Ann, It is as if it was just yesterday when you, James and Ann, willingly allotted some of your precious time to us, Poppers, to celebrate our first ever get together party. It was a remarkable experience. It was history, an event that will never be forgotten. If you have heard our sincerest thanks yet, pardon but it needs to be repeated. Wholeheartedly, we thank the both of you for turning our souls into yellow. Every moment shared that day definitely took our breaths away. But today is another special day. A different fête to remember for again, we have assembled ourselves not just to spend time with you, but to commemorate Jesus Christ’s natal as well. To Him, we shall give back all the blessings the two of you have received and the alerts that made our JamLi hearts skip beats for the past months. Ann, you never failed us. Your determination and perseverance give us inspiration and courage to go on, to work hard and achieve our dreams. You have no idea how we all look up to you. You may not be perfect, but you are an excellent role model. You have influenced a lot of lives in a good way. Your gracefulness teaches young ladies how to act like one. Your talents motivate us to become productive, even at a young age. For that, we thank you. James, you are still the same. The straightforward guy who always speaks what is on his mind. Because of you, we learned how derision should be dealt. You
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One of the greatest strengths is the ability to say, “I’m sorry”.  A frank apology when you are in the wrong is one of your most precious  tools in maintaining valued relationships in business or in personal life. These simple steps will help you mend fences.

1. Don’t put it off.

As soon as you realize you’ve erred, start making it right.  The longer you wait, the tougher it is to step up.  And what a relief to shed guilt and get back to normal friendship.

2. Begin with an apology for the action at fault.

“Please accept my sincere apology for the late delivery of your order.”

“I want to tell you how deeply I regret my dog’s misbehaviour.”

“I’m so sorry for letting you down when you were counting on me to pick up the club speaker from the train.”

3. Acknowledge the distress or inconvenience the situation may have caused.

“I understand how distressed you must have felt when the tent you had been counting on failed to show up in time for your camping trip.”

“What a shock it must have been to see the damage my terrier,  Toodles, did to your cherished tulip beds.“

“How frustrated and embarrassed you must have been at keeping  the club members waiting a whole hour before the speaker finally arrived.”

4.  State what amends you plan to make and finish by repeating your apology.

“To make amends, our store is providing a deluxe model of the tent at no extra charge.  I hope you will overlook the error and consider us again when you next need camping equipment.”

“Although nothing can bring back this spring’s tulips, please allow me to buy replacement bulbs for all the beds along the front of your house.  I will make sure Toodles is confined to our yard in future and hope you will eventually pardon us both.”

“I have apologized personally to Ms. Arkle, the speaker. I also wish to apologize to all the club members at the next meeting and to offer my services to do meeting set up and clean up for the next three months.  Once again, I hope you will forgive my unfortunate mistake.”

Your apology, verbal or written, will give you the satisfaction of smoothing ruffled feelings and restoring damaged relationships to health.

Copyright Gail Hamilton 2009

Gail Hamilton, author of 25 books, is an experienced copywriter who knows just how challenging finding the right words can be. To help everyone, including marketers, write more persuasively, she has provided huge pools of proven-effective, highly targeted language, in thesaurus form, in her latest works, The Marketing Phrase Book, The Fundraiser’s Phrase Book and 1001 Ways to Say Thank You, which also contains sections dealing with apology and condolence.

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