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How To Avoid Getting Sick

how to get a pardon
by SS&SS

Nobody wants to be sick. It is an uncomfortable state being sick whether it is just a mild headache or flu or a serious illness like cancer or heart ailment, sickness is never welcome to anyone’s life. But sickness is very stubborn; it does not ask permission to take control of your health.

But take heed and be aware of the symptoms that your body is on the verge of sickness. One symptom or sign that you are near to sickness is physical weakness, dizziness sneezing (sign that you are about to get colds and flu). Prevention is always better than cure so take note of the tips or techniques on how to prevent sickness and lead a healthy life.

Consider the following tips to avoid getting sick:

   1.Eat healthy and watch out on what you eat. Include lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Balanced diet is a sure way to keep your body healthy. Always bear in mind that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Green and leafy vegetables are also recommended for a healthy and balanced diet.

   2.Drink plenty of water. This is a very old adage but very true and a helpful one. It is recommended to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a daily or drink more if you engage in an intense physical activity. Lack of water or dehydration is the cause of many disorders like angina or heart pain, arthritis or rheumatoid joint pain and Asthma or difficulty in breathing.

  3.Relax and have enough sleep. Learn to be cool and give yourself time to relax. Stress and fatigue trigger sickness. An 8 hours sleep daily assures you of a better health. Treat body for a massage and spa every once and while. Your body needs some pampering too.

   4.Engage into physical fitness regime or exercise daily. Walking, running, jogging, these are forms of exercises that keep you physically fit. Doing any of these for at least 15 to 20 minutes daily can make a huge difference in your health.

  5.Have a regular check up. Even if you are not sick it is better to have a visit to your doctor every once in a while. Make it a point to at least have a general check up once every six months to assess your body condition.

  6.Keep your environment clean and be sure to have a breath of fresh air. Pollution causes some sickness so stay away from pollution as much as possible.

  7.Stay from people who are already sick. To prevent contracting sickness from other people, keep distance from them. If this cannot be avoided, be sure you take necessary precautions when handling sick people.

  8.Be spiritually healthy too. Lead a prayerful life and learn to appreciate the beauty of life. In this way you will learn more how to love yourself and take care of your health.

   9.Do a regular check up with your doctor. Like a car your body needs some overhaul sometimes so don’t forget to include in your to-do-list a visit to your family doctor.

Treat you body well and make sure that your body is sickness-free. Learn to take care of it internally and externally. Remember that health is wealth and health is cheaper than sickness.

Cynthia De Jesus is a freelance web researcher, a marketing specialist and a part time ghost writer. She used to maintain a blog, but due to loads of research works and article writing tasks she slowed down on blogging and concentrated on being a freelance web researcher and ghost writer. Ask her to write about anything from healthy living, money making internet business or just anything under the sun, and she can deliver an article worth reading for. This is due to her web research job that she gained so much knowledge to almost anything.


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Best answer:

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