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How To Build A Simple Bat House – The Reasons Behind It!

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by JStove

Article by Kenneth L. White

That’s right! The title of this article is “How to build a simple bat house!” When most people see this title the uninformed out there might ask, ” Why would you want to build a bat house in the first place? Who in their right mind wants to attract bats to their own home?” Well my friend, let me educate you.

Aside from the very unfair press that bats get in the media, they are very clean and efficient creatures. Did you know that a single bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitos in a night? 1,000! That’s a lot of mosquitos!

Did you also know that prior to popular belief, bats do NOT get stuck in peoples hair. They are not blind and they do NOT “want to suck your blood!” (These are vampire bats, and unless you live in Central and South America, you don’t have to worry about them!)

The bats that most people will encounter are common little brown bats. These little guys only eat insects. So you don’t have to worry about them biting you. Because of the bad press that they have been getting, the little brown bat is on the decline.

With the expansion of the human population into wooded areas, some bats are finding refuge in these humans homes. They don’t want to be there, but what choice do they have? Bats go where the food is, and that’s where the food is! The mosquitos and other insects that they eat are in the area where they live. Pardon me, where you live! But what do most people do when they encounter one of these little guys in or around the home? They try to kill them!

Lately there has been a real consensus to try to save the bats habitat. They are not on the endangered list, YET! But with the way things are going, they might as well be! In many states they are considered sensitive or a protected species. That’s why there has been a recent increase in people wanting to save them by building bat houses.

When you build a bat house not only are you saving a very protected species, you are also bringing balance to nature by limiting the insect population in your neighborhood.

About the Author

Now that you know the reasoning behind bat houses, you too can learn how to build a simple bat house! They are not as hard to build as you think! If you can use a simple screwdriver, you can build a bat house!

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