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How to Buy a Second Hand Hot Tub

Article by Marvin Maloney

If you’re considering buying a second hand hot tub then there is good news; the task itself is really quite easy. There are a whole lot of used hot tubs out there sitting in people’s garages, out on their back porches and there’s any number of reasons why people would want to sell them. So there are deals to be had but at the same time there a few things you need to consider before jumping in head first and getting soaked. Pardon the pun.

But before we get into the downside of buying a used hot tub let’s stay on a positive note and brush over some useful tips on how to get the best deal possible on one. Simply put obtaining the best deal on anything, is a numbers game. That is that the more choices you have available, the more opportunities you have to bargain people down.

So your first stop should your local newspaper classifieds, and you should have no trouble finding some there. Classifieds by nature are a directory source for people who already considered that they want to sell their spa. So your best bet for your “all time lowest” price opportunities is to find hot tubs that owners haven’t considered selling. The occasional unit for instance that is languishing away, gathering dust in the back of someone’s garage that they would be happy to have you haul away.

So why not place your own ad in your local classifieds? Advertise that you’re looking to buy, and while you’re at it, consider putting an ad in one of those local penny-pinching weekly advertisers that you can find floating around your local laundrette. Carrying on with the same topic, it never hurts to make up some little cards with your phone number on it along with your “pitch” for buying, and post them up on the wall board’s of local shops.

Used hot tubs are really not hard to find, and you can see here that if it’s done properly you can get them calling you up with offers to sell. But then what about pricing? After all they are used, so just like anything used you’re going to have to factor in things like wear & tear, and the probability of “maintenance and repair issues” that can drain your money in the future. Hopefully not the “near future” either.

The operative term that applies here as you enter in the negotiating process for a used hot tub should be the word “cheap”. Cheap as you can buy it for, and keep in mind that there are lot of used hot tubs out there that look perfectly fine on the surface that you shouldn’t accept even if they were free. They’re so loaded with repair problems that they just aren’t even worth spending a penny on. Load one up and take it away and you’re only saving the person who gave it to you a trip to the dump. That’s all.

The bottom line here is that, in case you haven’t checked recently, the prices on new hot tubs have fallen drastically in recent years, and they only continue to drop in the bad economy.

Not only that but even as prices are falling, a new genre of low maintenance, feature laden, longer-lasting warranted spa is making a “huge splash” in the marketplace. So before you get excited over any deal on a used “hot tub full of problems” it’s highly recommended that you check out what kind of deal you can get on a brand new one.

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