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How to clear the criminal records in Houston?

For more information please visit This video will briefly go over expungements in California and provide viewers information on how to have their criminal record removed in a fast and safe manner.
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The most critical situation is when you have been disqualified for work and higher studies due to a prior criminal case. A criminal record can keep you away from good opportunities.  But there are many solutions available for you in which you can clear your past record.

Here, in this article, we will have a discussion regarding how to clear the criminal records in Houston, Texas in a very common way–by getting it expunged. Clearing your criminal record is prerequisite because today there is so much competition for jobs.  Further, applying for an apartment or a loan can be adversely affected with a criminal history.   If you owned an apartment, would you rent to someone charged with burglary of a habitation, even if the case were dismissed?  If you were an employer, would you hire a person who had a prior case of child molestation, even if it was “no billed” at the grand jury?

In Texas, expunction is allowed in limited circumstances to remove information about an arrest for a felony or misdemeanor from the records of certain classes of people. Once the record is expunged, the individual can deny the arrest ever occurred and any information related to it is permanently deleted from his or her record.

Individuals who are eligible for expunction include:
• Those who were arrested for a crime, but never charged with one
• Those who had charges brought against them, but those charges were ultimately dismissed
• Those who were acquitted by the trial court or the Criminal Court of Appeals
• Those who received a pardon from the Governor of Texas or the US President
• Those who were the victim of identity theft (i.e. the person arrested for the crime provided another person’s name and information to the police instead of their own)

Otherwise, qualified individuals for expunction who are ineligible include:
• Those who received a deferred adjudication (more commonly referred to as probation)
• Those who were acquitted of a crime that occurred as part of a “criminal episode” and either have charges pending against them for a different crime that occurred during that same episode or were convicted of a crime that occurred during that same episode

You may start by making a list of Houston, Haris county expungement attorneys in your area and make sure they are certified to practice in your jurisdiction. Then, you can compare them based on their experience with expungement cases and their reputation for obtaining satisfactory outcomes.

The cost of legal fees may also be considered, but keep this option as last because when you are trying to select the best attorneys in Houston, Haris county and Texas,  it may be best to compare attorneys based on their experience and reputation first. Make sure that expungement lawyer you choose is licensed and experienced. Similarly, you may also check with the lawyers you are considering not only by their experience with criminal law cases, but also with handing Houston expungement cases. In many jurisdictions, you may have one real chance of destroying the criminal records. As such, you make sure that the Houston expungement attorney you choose is well versed in expungement law.

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