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How to Clear Your Criminal Records – The Facts Most People Miss Out

We’re about to discuss some facts regarding expunging and sealing of criminal records or arrest records in different parts of the US. A lot of people out there have got little/no knowledge regarding criminal law, and neither do they have any lawyer. Similarly, they hardly know who they should ask when it’s essential to clean up those small mistakes, which happened months or years ago.

It might be about getting caught while smoking joints in the college or getting arrested for some misstep but there weren’t any charges brought against them or getting charged with some sort of felony, misdemeanor and/or local law violation. But the point is, the case got dismissed or the guys were declared “not guilty” following the trial.

Whatever their case might be, each and every one of the fifty US states have certain procedures to wipe off such arrest or criminal records. This is meant to provide the wrong-doer the opportunity to start things over with his or her clean record (for charges which didn’t end up in convictions – at least).

Expunging Criminal Records – What does that supposed to mean?

When a criminal record has been expunged, it’s physically destroyed by law enforcement agencies (or by the police department). In many cases, the records with the local or state agencies are also destroyed. It’s like that record had never existed.

Record Sealing – What’s that?

When records get sealed, they aren’t any longer accessible by the common public. Nevertheless, it could still be accessed by various law enforcement departments or agencies. That means, when someone applies for any job or tries to rent any apartment, there’s no need for him or her to mention that records, and neither can the concerned landlords of license providers access your records. In many of the states, these record CAN be absolutely viewed by the public (and the media) when a judge issues specific orders that legalize this.

Dismissed Cases – Do They Have Records Too?

A lot of people who are arrested or charged with crimes are under the assumption that those who’re found to “not guilty” in a trial (and those who’s cases have been dismissed prior to the trial), all the associated records of their case’s dismissal is mechanically removed as well as destroyed. Unluckily, that isn’t the case. This is the era of computerized indexing and record retention has become incredibly easy as well as efficient.

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Question by : How long does it take for a person to clear a criminal record in South Africa?
I was once arrested for assault so I just want to know if theres a chance for me to get a job because the charges were dropped by the state. How long will it take for me to clear my criminal record.

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Answer by Quizzard
If the charges were dismissed, you don’t HAVE a criminal record.

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