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How To Face Them After Writing Im Sorry Letters

Article by Nadine

There are plenty of ways to say sorry. You may say a simple “I’m sorry” or treat the person to dinner and say sorry or write an apology letter. Though writing a letter is old fashion, it is still the most effective way to express one’s feelings. Hand writing a letter gives you time to tell how you feel and think of what to say and how to say it in a good way.

The great thing in writing a sorry letter is that you have a long time to process what to say. Writing helps to put things the right way, to say the words effectively and by the time you are done writing the letter, most of your negative feelings would be lost.
When writing a letter, you must accept that your behavior that time was not acceptable to the person. Confessing and admitting your fault or mistake is the first step a person must do when writing an im sorry letter. Admitting your mistake is the same as taking responsibility to what had happen. For some, it is hard for them to admit their mistake, as they believe that this will make them as a small person. However, to tell you guys, once you admit your own mistake without waiting for other people to blame you, this makes you as a better person. After confession, most of the work will be done on writing the letter. After admitting your mistake, you can ask for apology. Saying sorry may not be appropriate and the person may not appreciate it. You can say that you have been feeling sad and you want to say sorry for what you have done.

Some people would require writing in relation with what they are thinking. With this, the other person will feel that you are regretfully or feeling guilty for your mistake. When writing Im sorry letters, you may say that the person does not deserve to receive that rude treatment from you. You may say that you are truly sorry and you want the other person to pardon you.

When wring Im sorry letters, you may also ask for amendments. This can be done by asking the person what you can do to make it up to him or her. You may write, “What can I do to make it up to you”. After this, you must secure the person that you will not do the same mistake again.

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