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How To Find An Attorney For Your Bankruptcy Problem

Article by Terro White

If you need to find an attorney due to an insolvency problem, you can find a bankruptcy attorney in the yellow pages, through acquaintances and from the internet. If your friends and relatives cannot recommend a good lawyer for your case, you can find one on the internet. There are directories that list all kinds of lawyer that practice bankruptcy law in different states.

Bankruptcy is a serious problem that encompasses several factors from financial to social issues. It can also be confusing to file for bankruptcy on your own because there are many different types of bankruptcy filings. Going for the wrong kind may expose you to more risk and losses. This is why it is important to hire a good bankruptcy lawyer.

Your attorney can help you cut your losses by filing for the appropriate type of bankruptcy chapter. There are mainly 6 types of bankruptcy chapters. These are the Chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 15. Some of them are more ideal for personal bankruptcy, while the others are more suitable for business cases. Here is a short preview of each type of bankruptcy chapter.

Chapter 7 is suitable for both personal and business cases. This kind of bankruptcy chapter is very simple and clean cut and you can easily find an attorney who can handle this kind of case. This pardons most of your debts. The down side is it also usually involves losing personal assets like a car or house. Businesses may be closed down.

Chapter 9 is more ideal for businesses but can also be used by wealthy individuals. If used for individuals, you will have to prove that you have sufficient income to repay your debts which will be under the supervision of the courts. Your debts will be restructured in a more affordable repayment scheme.

Chapter 11 is often used for business but can also be filed by wealthy people. Businesses debts will be reorganized to make it possible for a company to repay the debts in light instalments. When filing for this chapter, find a bankruptcy attorney who is experienced in handling bankruptcy business cases.

Chapter 12 is meant for farmers, fishermen and their families. This bankruptcy chapter allows them to rearrange their debts for easier payment. It allows the families of farmers and fishermen to keep their assets. It is more forgiving and lenient than other bankruptcy chapters for individuals or businesses.

Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy chapter that is often used by wealthy people who earn a reliable monthly income. In this kind of bankruptcy, one is allowed to retain most assets. Debts will be paid under the supervision of the court. Oftentimes the debts will also be restructured for easier payments. It is a simple type of filing and you can easily find an attorney that can handle this kind of case.

Chapter 15 is more complicated than the other chapters since it deals with international laws and jurisdiction. Debts will be restructured for repayment. It is usually filed by large corporations that do business in a global scale. For this kind of case, you will need to find a bankruptcy attorney that practices international law and bankruptcy.

Discover where to find an attorney for your insolvency problems. Visit to to find a bankruptcy attorney who can help you.

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