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How To Forgive My Husband’s Affair

Article by M Sharman

Asking yourself, “how to forgive my husband’s affair” can be a pretty hard question, especially if you don’t know how to get over with all those emotional upheavals and just finally let loose the sweet taste of forgiveness.

Forgiveness must not be a one-way process, as both you and your husband must work on ways on how to achieve your forgiveness, but for the most part, he takes the bigger fraction of the job. Forgiving your husband entails acceptance, but before you do so – he must definitely prove to you that he is worthy of your pardon and that he’ll never do the same thing again.

There are things that you have to ask for from your husband before you can totally let go of your anger and forgive him. Be sure that he fulfills these four conditions first before you welcome him back to your good graces:

1. Full Disclosure.

Your husband must tell you everything that has to do with the affair. This may be painful on your part as you will have to know the main reasons as to why he has had the nerve to cheat on you. But knowing the roots can help determine the outcome. If you find a way to better understand the reasons why he cheated, then perhaps in the end you will find it in your heart to forgive him.

2. Love.

Before you can forgive your husband, you must see in him the desire to be forgiven because he loves you. It is with no doubt that love can be the perfect answer to your question, “How to forgive my husband’s affair”. If he loves you and you love him, then forgiveness could take place, dependent on other factors.

3. Sincerity.

It must be written all over your husband’s face and body, the words “I am sorry.” Your husband must show to you how genuinely sincere he is in asking for forgiveness. He must ask for pardon because he wants to save the relationship and he must work hard for it. If you see another motive from him as to why he wants to repair his fault, aside from knowing that he loves you (like he does it for the money, or for the sake of hiding from shame), forget it – he’s not totally serious!

4. Transparency.

Your husband must lay everything on the table. If he wants to savor the success of forgiveness, then he might as well work hard for it. Transparency is important for him to gain your trust again. So remind him, that he has to assure you always that nothing fishy is going on under your nose again.

Forgiving is more than just an act, it is a sign of a new beginning for the both of you. It is the end of all the grudges, and the sorrows and just about the start of a fresh, new relationship with each other. Forgiveness is like giving hatred just a little room in your heart, that somehow it (hatred) will grow ashamed of itself for carrying grudges because on the other hand, you only filled it with love.

So, hopefully this article will have helped you begin to see the starting steps if you are wondering, “How to forgive my husband’s affair”.

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About the Author

As a writer and publisher of many health-related articles, I never imagined that I would be adding “marriage problems” to my repetoire-especially from first-hand experience! I survived and so did my marriage and I now try to help others, by recommending the system I used to get me and my husband through. There are issues we are still working on, but I do feel confident now that we will stay together.

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