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How to get a pardon in Canada – Step 2

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In my last article, I discussed the first step in completing an application for a pardon with the Canadian government. Here now, we discuss the second step, obtaining court documents and proof of convictions.

If you have not already done so, the first step in obtaining your pardon is to have your fingerprints taken and to obtain a certified copy of your criminal record from the RCMP Identification Services in Ottawa. A low-cost professional service like Express Pardons can help expedite this step for you if you need to have your pardon completed as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you will have to send your request to:

Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Identification Services, Civil Section
PO Box 8885 Ottawa, ON K1G 3M8

Now that you have received your CPIC criminal record, you need to review the document to see if there are any criminal records missing. As I mentioned in my previous post, in about 15% of cases, their will be offences missing. This is especially the case with offences more than 20 years old. The Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) system has gone through many change over the years. In the past, a lot of criminal information was held locally, but was not uploaded onto the systems like CRIMS which populate the CPIC system with data.

It is very important to understand that criminal records can be held on numerous systems. You could have a criminal record on one system but not another, meaning you might think you are clear one day, then fail a criminal record check the next. Read my other article on some suggested reading on criminal record systems which you may find useful in understanding some of the larger systems out there.

If your criminal record from CPIC comes back blank, meaning “no criminal record”, this DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean you do not have a criminal record. It only means you do not have a record accessible by CPIC. You must find all of your criminal records by doing a multi-level criminal record search. That means searching CPIC, but also local police files and the provincial courts.

This is one of the crucial benefits of using a professional service to handle your case. Services such as Express Pardons have connections with virtually every police and court in Canada and they know the criminal record systems across the country. If you believe an offence is missing from your criminal record, the first step is to attend the court where the conviction occurred and request a proof of conviction.

The National Parole Board will want a certified true copy of the original “court information” document from your trial. The court will have this document in court archives. You will have to make the request, and pay any applicable fee, then wait until the court can order and receive the document from archives before making a certified copy for your pardon.

If the court cannot locate the offence, you have two options. First, if the offence does not appear on your CPIC criminal record, your local police record checks, and cannot be found by the court, then time has afforded you the benefit of having that offence pardoned anyway. Otherwise, if you wish to have it included in your pardon, you can prepare and complete a sworn affidavit to have the offence(s)

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