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How To Get Ex Back 8 Ways Not To Get Ex Back

Article by piusvic

You might have all the good intentions in the world of wanting to stop the separation of your marriage and win your ex back, but you could in fact be blundering on instead. You could well be choking the situation further rather than winning back your ex-partner heart.

Check whether you are making any of these break up blunders in the process of how to get ex back.

1. Don’t lose your head:

The number one rule and paramount to success is don’t panic. A calm, calculated approach is required if you want to make-up fast. If you fail it, you’ll begin behaving out of the ordinary this will diminish your likelihood of getting back together.

2) Touching Base instantly after a breakup:

A call too hurriedly after the split up can be very suffocating, as your ex requires some breathing space now, if not why would she or he go?

3) Drunk Dialing:

You have consumed a bit too much and are really letting your feelings run amok so you continue picking up the telephone to try and get your ex to speak to you. Sending mailbox full of emails or countless messages on voice mail more often than not these don’t help and make the receiver go further away.

4) Informing your ex how low, lonely or sad you have been since the break up:

One more thing no to do even as making moves on how to get ex back is, perhaps thinking that you are appealing to your ex-lover softer emotions, but in reality you are proving to be very intense and revealing signs of complete desperation. What you are doing is referred to as being ‘manipulative’ and this normally ends with a massive damaging blow to any relationship.

5) Forever arguing about the separation and bring up past discrepancies and squabbles:

This would undeniably draw attention and might perchance result in several dialogue but reflect about it, is this the way you would like to employ your time? It is in fact being fairly immature and in truth isn’t going to get you where you wish to go plus it just keeps you lost in the past instead.

Repeatedly admitting your ever-lasting love even if you think that your ex doesn’t realise how much you genuinely love them, evidently that is not the issue right now or they would not have left. Now is the time to take a fresh stock of the situation and begin to trace back steps to see what exactly is wrong with the relationship instead of believing that your sincerity could win over the situation.

6) Apologizing again and again and again:

Possibly you did something dreadfully bad like not keeping a agreement or two timing. An apology is in order, but you have to identify the appropriate way to make an good apology when trying on how to get ex back and rarely anyone knows how to do this. You also need to be cautious not to ask for a pardon too prematurely. In case you think you have not done anything which demands you apologising, then you are being unjustified with yourself as you are making vital compromises here and that is not a courageous attribute in one’s personality.

7) Trying to make your ex wife jealous:

This may possibly be a quick-fix and effective plan as almost people like to have exclusive privileges over their lovers but this can by no means give you some hint to the separation and help you solve the crisis in any way. If all what you are relying on is tricky maneuvers to try and win your ex wife back you will end up with a somewhat distorted relationship that will be even tougher to keep going for the long term.

8) Beseeching with them to take you back:

I’ll let you in on a little secret here. Those people who are emotionally secure would never need someone so urgently that they would give away their self respect to try and get them back by begging. Now that you identify what mistakes to steer clear of when making moves to win back your partner back it’s time to get a better view on where the relationship went wrong, and what needs to change and then you can start preparing a SMARTER plan for getting your ex back.

About the Author

To learn more on ways to approach, attract and seduce your ex and win her back using the magic of making up techniques, go over to my blog right now to get your copy of how to get your ex back.

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