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How to Get More Visitors to Your Website Fast and Free

Are you one of the many frustrated internet marketers who just can’t help scratching their head asking inevitable marketing questions like how to get more visitors to your website fast and free?

Believe me, every starting wannabe successful internet marketer or website owner asks the same question at some point in their quest to jump start their internet business. I firmly believe that the backbone of every business whether it be offline or online, is how well you can get prospects to find your business.

Am I right with that or am I correct? Well, pardon my questioning. However way you put it though, I’m sure you know very well that there is strong truth to that statement.

In trying to make money or doing business on the internet, if you know how to get more visitors to your website, then there is no doubt that you have bigger chances of succeeding compared to those who just don’t know how. So, being a veteran internet marketer myself, let me share with you the strategies and techniques I use in bringing floods of traffic to any website I want, whether it be my own website or one of the affiliate program sites I promote.

Social Networking

There are 2 giant social networking websites I utilize. They are Facebook and MySpace. Each of these social networking websites are extremely powerful. They each have millions and millions of active members. Once you register and become a member with them then there are so many ways you can promote your website. You can network with people or actively join small group discussions within the social network sites.

Video Marketing

Create mini videos around your niche topic. Make it interesting enough for people to want to watch your uploaded videos. There are lots of video websites you can register to and upload your videos, but personally I just prefer YouTube as it alone is already enough to get visitors to your website fast.

Article Marketing

This for me is the most powerful, most effective, and the method I personally prefer and recommend on how to get more visitors to your website fast and free. Simply create interesting articles around your topic and submit them to popular article directories. I personally use only the top article directories such as,, and a few others.

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Article Source:

Two murderers are issued driver’s licenses and buy cars before being pardoned. CNN’s Ed Lavandera reports.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Question by : How many years does it take to get pardoned after robbing a bank?
Ok so most people will be wondering why i asked this. Me and my friend had an argument. I said if you do a crime after amount of so many years you get pardoned. He says thats bullshit.

Best answer:

Answer by Joseph the Second
A Lifetime. Crime DOESN’T Pay! 🙁

What do you think? Answer below!
Juan Carlos Oviedo pardoned
I have the hope that everything will be OK, but I still don't have the visa," Oviedo said. On Wednesday, Oviedo had told of Santo Domingo: "It is one thing to get the pardon and another to receive the visa. I have much faith that I will …
Read more on ESPN

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8 Responses to “How to Get More Visitors to Your Website Fast and Free”

  • mscelebrity14:

    More proof that our legal system is corrupted

  • scifiwritir1:

    so sad. poor woman.

  • MrModernElvis:

    This Governor should be put up on charges he is just as guilty as the scumbag that killed this woman.

  • StevenE1972:

    Lock this fucker up for the rest of his life! He should be in prison, not out on the streets endangering the lives of others. The guy who pardoned him should also be in prison for a very long time.

  • KlingonSpider:

    good job CNN. now your doing good. this is the kind of news CNN was built on. return to your roots. great job

  • Ron Brgundy:

    When you die after working at mcdonalds for 50 years

  • CaveGoat:

    You don’t get pardoned based on so many years. Although the parole authority won’t help you apply for one until so many years pass.

    Most people don’t get pardoned. A pardon is very rare. But anyone can apply for a pardon, at any time, it is then up to the governor or president to grant it if they will. Of course only special circumstance will normally be considered.

  • whitefangz1:

    Sorry, but for all practical purposes your friend is right. While some states may allow you to have your record sealed or expunged after a certain amount of time, it’s almost unheard of to actually be pardoned. To the best of my knowledge, you can count the total number of bank robbers who have been pardoned on one finger….and still have one finger left over.
    Sealing or expunging the record means that the record is no longer available to the public. Being pardoned means that the governor is actually ordering that the conviction be erased entirely. It might seem like a matter of semantics, but there is a difference. Pardons are rare and usually only granted in cases where the person was wrongfully convicted or the governor feels that the charge didn’t fit the crime.

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