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How to Get You Started Cooking

Article by Harvey J. Sharp

While cooking is life skill (face it, we all have to eat), many people are unable to cook for themselves and resort to buying food from restaurants and eateries. This is problematic for two reasons, the first reason is that eating out is expensive and will eventually begin to eat (pardon the pun) into your monthly bills. For some people this is not big deal, however if you are paying rent or a mortgage, then you probably should be looking for ways to save money. The second reason why is it not such a good idea to eat out regularly is that most restaurant food is unhealthy and high in calories, sodium and fats. Overtime this will lead to increase weight gains and generally health problems, such as diabetes. Of course, this all depends on the restaurants you choose, however in most cases, if you don’t know how to cook a home cooked meal (canned foods, lean cuisines and Kraft dinner don’t count), then its probably safe to say that you could probably use a few tips to get you started.

Tip #1 – Start SmallChoose a recipe that is manageable for your skill set. While its good to be ambitious sometimes, you want to familiarize yourself with the cooking routine. The goal here is to build-up your cooking confidence so that you can cook more elaborate meals in the future.

Tip #2 – Read the RecipeYes, I know, it sounds ridiculous, but you’d be surprised how many people neglect reading the full instructions when making a meal. Its best to read the recipe over first and then collect the ingredients. Keep the instructions close by to make them easy to refer too.

Tip #3 – PracticeIf you are making food for someone special, don’t leave it to the big night before you try the recipe out for the first time. Select another night with less pressure and this will give you time to perfect the food. Most chefs don’t nail the recipe the first time, they practice and add their touches too it. You need to do the same.

So here are some recipes to get you started. Both are fairly easy to follow and should be flavorful at the end.


[Pizza Recipe]

[Gourmet Pasta Recipe]

About the Author

Harvey J. Sharp is an avid traveler and writer, who spends little time in the United States, preferring South America, India and parts of Asia. His interests are in art, design, photography and sculpture.

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