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How to Hit the Ground Running–Beginner’s Success in MLM

Article by Winnie Woody

With the title of this article, I’m sure there is a soul or two hoping that I will reveal a life-changing nugget of information that will blast them into the stratosphere of success and render them a millionaire within months….alas….I don’t have that; in fact, should you find that, kindly let me know. In the meantime, I often read stories of people who’ve started in a home-based business and have gotten to super-star nine diamond Pluto level in the first 2 months of their new home-based business. I am actually mentored by a woman with those types of stats.Anyway–I am here to tell you the whole story–and it’s one that won’t excite you too much–unless you are the person needing to hear this. These superstar success stories that we read started years ago and now these “superstars” have finally figured it out. Yes you heard and read correctly. These “superstars” were once like you and me but they didn’t quit. They stayed in the game, kept training, kept talking to people, didn’t complain, whine, murmur and blame, and stuck it out UNTIL they suddenly became good at it. Oh MY!!! They simply kept on doing what others weren’t willing to do. Another way to say it was that they were willing to “suck until they succeeded!” (Pardon my French). So for any of you out there wondering about what you’re doing wrong or not doing right–I can answer that simply as I’ve made just about every mistake out there in my five years in this incredible industry.

You are most likely:

a) Not giving yourself a chance to learn

b) Expecting too much too soon in the way of results

c) Not talking to enough people (like a car salesperson who would have one person a week come into a showroom)

d) Not doing 10 to 30 minutes of personal development daily

e) Not developing both a short term plan and a long term plan for your business

An example of short term planning would be to make 10 contacts a day and call them, post on your blog 3 x’s per week, post 20 ads per day online and send out 5 friend requests daily.An example of long term planning would be to purchase and complete an SEO or Copywriting training course and to master Search Engine Optimization in the next 3 to 12 months, while working toward the highest level in your company within 18 months. Of course these are just hypothetical examples to get your wheels turning.

So I close by reminding you to keep going–you’re doing fine. Remember that your success will come from the fact that you will not stop even though most folks around you will find an excuse to stop. As you market and prospect, you will become so good and so effective that you won’t remember when you weren’t a master.

Until next time.

About the Author

Winnie has been an online home-based business owner (with the same company) for over 5 years. She’s learned from her mentors that there are no shortcuts–but there are learning curve cuts that you can take advantage of and she’s here to help you do that.

For free, results-oriented articles, tips, and resources, go to http://www.winnieworksathome.com and subscribe to her RSS feed so that you don’t miss out on updates. To find out how to guarantee success in your enterprise, visit http://EzineArticles.com/6008102

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