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How To Jilt Jealously

how do i get a pardon
by JStove

Article by Jesse Wade

Through the years, I would imagine that jealousy has ruined an enormous amount of relationships that, otherwise, would have turn out to have been a life-time of happiness. Of course, my happy self was no different than anyone else in this dimension of time, until approximately 15 years ago.

An example of how that solved that perplexing problem, at least for me, was when I packed all of my mental, physical, emotional, and any other facilities I could locate at the time, placed them all in my old pick-up truck, and enjoyed all I could along the way to Floridawhere I treated my self to all of the beaches — especially on Anna Marie Island, where I eventually spent almost 200 hours reading, writing, searching for sea shells, and anything else that happened to be strolling on the beachsuch as bikinis!

One fine evening, while walking along the sands of time, and being what I considered to be a natural-born male, it was no real surprise when a two-legged, bikini-clad creature swayed by me — and all of those moving parts – being in all the right places, doing all the right things, and at all the right times – stirred up emotions inside me that would not be denied. Before my mind was consciously aware of it, I had put my book on the sands, and was slowly sneaking up on that beautiful batch of DNA that is usually referred to as a femaleI was hot on her trail! Bringing my curious and happy body up along side of her and, never being good at opening lines, I said something to the effect of “Pardon me for interrupting you, but I’m fairly new to Florida, and was wondering if you could tell me where some interesting sites are?” Of course, I already was well aware of some of the interesting sites, because that was what got me to where I was in the first place!

I know; it wasn’t really a good pick-up line, but that’s all I could come up with at the time, because I was too busy trying to educate my happy self on all of the interesting partsand wiping all of the drool off of my embarrassed face. Thank goodness she over-looked my feeble pick-up line, and the drool, and then smiled — I was on first base! At my age at the time, I congratulated myself that I hadn’t lost it.

After 2 or 3 dates, it was obvious she not only had a fantastic body, but also owned brains, common sense, a sense of humor, and personality — trust me, after the new togetherness wears off, on realizes how important those attributes are, that is if you want continue to have a wonderful time for more than 5 or 6 months. It wasn’t long before it was very apparent I was going to home-plate for a lot more than 5 or 6 months, and I did not wish for jealously to bring this relationship tumbling down. So, on evening, my fingers dialed here phone number (no cell phones yet). When she answered, I explained that I would like to meet her at a particular restaurant, and buy her breakfast — she agreed!

After some small-talk, a very delightful meal, my eyes made direct contact with hers, and the words began rolling from my lipsrelating to her that I sincerely believed that our newly confirmed relationship was going to be a wonderful and romantic one, but that I wished to eliminate a potential threat to it up front. That squint in here eyes told me that she was puzzled, but she said to go ahead – and so I began!

When a man is with a woman, and he notices another sexy female, he will usually not be very tactful about scanning hernot a good idea, but it happens! You women are usually very casual and as tactful as possible when you see another male you wish to goggle atsuddenly, you have to retrieve your mirror to fix your hair, or you accidentally drop a utensil on the floor, and leaning over to grasp it, your head turns to sneak a peak. When you are with me, and you see another man you wish to goggle and drool over, please don’t hesitate to do so. You will not make me jealous or mad. If you think he is that good, stand up and cheeractually, I hope he turns you on!

From the expression on her face, I just knew her cerebral cortex was going bananas, and telling her I was some type of nut-case, and to make up some type of excuse to get out of there.

After counting off three full seconds in my mind, which is a very long time in a situation such as this, I proceeded to slowly tell her “As long as I reap the benefits!”

It was great! First she looked surprised, and then began to laughit’s a deal, she stated, and it works both ways. From then on, as an example, when we were strolling on a beach, and some good-looking, muscular guy was near-by, I would point him out to her. And she would point out the gals in T-Backs. We never had any problems with jealously!

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