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How to Learn French Fast

Article by Gerrit Du Plessis

That’s it! You’ve gotten passed over for a promotion for the last time! The only advantage your co-worker had over you was the way he wooed that French client – in French, of course. You could have done that, if it hadn’t been for that little language barrier. You need to learn French fast!

If you think about it, children have been learning it fast, very fast, as long as the language has existed. They do it quite naturally, by growing up in a French-speaking country or having French-speaking parents.

Pardon? You don’t have French-speaking parents, you don’t live in France, and you’re not a child? True, however you will need to learn the language the same way a child do! The best way to learn French fast is by listening to it as it is spoken clearly, simply, and naturally, by native French speakers.

One of the most convenient ways to accomplish this is to purchase a good quality audio-based French language program. The speakers are extremely easy to understand, and the programs are humorous and engaging. A good French audio learning program will emphasis clearly on listening and speaking rather than reading because this is the best way for a person to learn French fast and effectively. It is also important to learn how to read and write the French language, that’s why some of these French learning programs will also provide you with software games with which you can learn French grammar, vocabulary and learning verbs in a fun interactive way.

But if all you did was sit in front of your computer and listen to audio lessons, the joy of learning French would vanish quickly. It’s not enough to learn French fast, you need to retain it, and you can only do this if you actually use the language. The best way to do that is to make French friends. Do anything you can to speak the French language with a native French speaker.

Where can you find one? I’ll bet that with a little effort, you can find dozens! Visit your local College and make an appointment to speak with the French teachers. If none of them are native speakers of French, they undoubtedly know some. French people are naturally charming, and they love it when you can talk with them in their own language, even if at first you do it very badly! Once they find out you are learning French, they’ll want to speak French with you all the time. As this occurs, you’ll be astonished at how effortlessly your command of the language will grow. You’ll learn French faster that way than by any other method you could choose.

Undoubtedly your new French speaking friends would like to share their world and culture with you, make use of these unforgettable opportunities whenever they are presented to you. Listen to French popular music, watch French movies, with or without subtitles, and eat in French restaurants. And of course, if you can, visit a French-speaking country for a total immersion experience! That is the best way to master the French language fast and in a fun way!

Discover more secret ways to learn French online. Visit my Rocket French review site and see why it’s our #1 ranked French language course.

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