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How To Make Money With Facebook – The Biggest Social Media Outlet On The Planet (Facebook)!

Article by Angula Moore

The query of how to make money with facebook is arising all around the web. Reason being, Facebook is not just the most familiar social network on the planet right now, but in the last month if you check on Alexa.com you’ll see that not once, but two times – Facebook passed Google in worldwide traffic for the first time – making them the most popular website on the internet.

Don’t you feel like dancing? Congratulations Facebook – you have beat down the man – two times, in one month – and no other website has completed that for 5 years. and so the question becomes – what does all this mean to your business – and by what method may one actually make money with Facebook?

Before I get into the ‘how’ it is pressing to know why Facebook even suprpassed Google – & the reason is simple: more & more folks are applying the web as a social means. Individuals do not have time to spend a few hours with neighbors at the coffee shop all the time anymore – hence instead, they are hanging out on Facebook, many times multi-tasking as they are working their day job!

consequently if that is the reason WHY individuals are on Facebook – then it’s easy to discover HOW to make money with Facebook. You have to be social! I see individuals all the time doing this absolutely backwards. they’re out there on Facebook spamming their affiliate links and multi-level marketing biz opp links on everybody’s Facebook wall praying that somebody will click on the link & just ‘automatically’ purchase their affiliate products or join their network marketing opportunity. What is the difficulty here? That is not even remotely social! If you are attempting to make money on a social network, you can’t just be the sales guy or gal that keeps throwing ‘stuff’ on the wall & expecting some of it will stick. (Pardon the expression).

The great part is, you can be social on facebook without even having a million friends – or even a large number of friends for that matter. I only have around 400 friends & use Facebook as a money making machine – I only do it absolutely differently than most other people. The key is to present beneficial information to people rather than simply coming out & attempting to sell them something. For example, if you are a member of a network marketing group on Facebook, instead of posting your biz opp links on the Wall, post a ‘how-to’ video or content on something you are good at in the network marketing community. perhaps it is sponsoring – maybe it is having the correct mindset, or being tenacious & not stopping until you make it. Whatever it is, post it there on the Facebook Wall & allow folks the chance to ‘get to know you’ by means of your article or broadcast before you jump right out and sell them on your business.

Think about it – when you see affiliate links all around your Facebook Wall or a Facebook group you are a part of, do you ever feel compelled to click or purchase anything from that person? If you’re anything the same as me, you are perhaps just entirely annoyed that someone spammed your wall or your group wall and you click the little ‘x’ to remove the spam & block the user. Right? That is what I do. Hence to make money on Facebook – don’t be that person – be the person that stands out from the spammy mess.

About the Author

And so, if you would like to know how to make money with facebook on a deeper level & how I make money with facebook – click to acquire admission to the ONLY Government Approved Facebook Money Getting System. There you’ll learn how typical people just like you & me are building full time incomes by leveraging the most familiar and most productive social media outlet in the world: Facebook.

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