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How to master Adobe Photoshop Elements in 2 hours

Article by Paul Irvine

Video tutorials are becoming big business on the Internet these days.

Simply do a search and you will find free or paid video lessons for just about anything that you can think of. Someone has now came up with the idea that video lessons teaching Adobe Photoshop Elements. Specifically geared towards the latest version 7 that has recently been released.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7, like it’s predecessor 6 and even before has always had one aim, to allow the manipulation and correction of digital photographs. That is its prime nature and is one of if not the best package of its kind available today.

Adobe Photoshop Elements not only allows simple correction to your digital photography such as removing red eye, correcting brightness and colour mix but also has a library of over 50 different effects that can be applied to any digital photograph that you so wish.

It also has a media library facility where you can organise your digital shots, date stamp collections and create sub albums to ensure that the next time you need to get to a specific photograph, it will be easily accessible.

So this all seems rather straightforward. Well yes and no.

If you want to spend hours sifting through manuals and playing with settings on the Adobe Photoshop Elements software, then by all means dive right in and have a play with the various settings/filters and effect libraries at your leisure.

However if you fall more into the category of using it as a tool, making your valuable time more productive and efficient, then it is always useful to have a guide of some sort (not referring to the 400+ page manual that is provided with the software).

And so this brings me neatly around to the crux of the matter – training.

I purchased the software a couple of weeks ago as I am an avid digital photographer, even more so now that I have a 4 month old son who loves being in front of the camera. But lighting and associated conditions can create a near passable photo. But for long term you want memories such as this to be stored in their optimum format. Red eye being the most common problem, but lighting indoors from either fluorescent or incandescent sources can either yellow or white out the picture to such a degree that storing it in original format just wouldn’t do your photograph justice.

The learn Photoshop Elements video course can and will change all that. It includes a complete set of 30 individual instructor led videos that let you get the most out of your purchase. It covers all need to know topics. From understanding the interface of Adobe Photoshop Elements, editing modes, layer and blend edits all the way up to object removal and color curves.

Some great examples I have came across show you the ability to actually remove elements (pardon the pun) from you photographs. A great example would be a photograph with unwanted pedestrians or perhaps something simpler such as a lamp post or door sign. Whatever is in the photograph you don’t want, remove it.

I have to say though that after going through all the videos, my favorite one was the ability to create an online digital photo album that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. I have relatives in all corners of the globe, and again going back to my son, this makes it so much easier to let everyone know how is getting on.

Well I’ve enjoyed writing this article, I hope it has given you some food for thought that those pictures you have on your PC or camera can be better.

Even if you take a look at the course and decide it’s not for you, then there is a money back offer in place. There is even a teaser video thrown in for free to let you see how professional the instructor is and qualify the quality of materials in it.

I thank you for reading, and may all your digital photography moments be great,

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About the Author

Paul is an avid amateur videographer and photographer in his spare time. Some of his recent work has been used in local media publications and newspapers. More information can be found at Pauls website Information and hints and tips can also be found at

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