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How to Panda Proof Your Website

Article by Amitosh Kumar

Were You Affected By the Panda Update?

The Panda inform affected individual in all eight websites in Google’s guide and is arguably the biggest algorithm inform they’ve eternally completed. Hip studying many of the sites affected by this inform I bear be as long as up with a slope of items they all bear in mutual, and I think I bear a pretty accomplished purpose of I beg your pardon? Caused people’s sites to lose their rankings. Follow this steer and you can understand absent of the channel, and prevent your place from being dropped in the outlook.

1. Duplicated, trash or Scraped Content

What is the primary content on your place? Is it discard content generated by about “article generator”? It doesn’t count how accomplished your Markov algorithm is and how fastidious the articles look, if it doesn’t bake sensation to a booklover it’s discard. And I will admit about article generators build things to facilitate look simply like someone with bad English skills wrote it, but these kinds of things won’t attempt well with Google.

Are you scraping RSS feeds as your primary content? This is moreover a bad purpose, since this content is duplicated all more than the after deductions. You can understand about pretty neat software products to scrape RSS feeds and bake pages absent of them, or even scrape Wikipedia or related sites, but in the close if this is your central content, you’ll lose your rankings.

Create your own content.

2. Links Spammed in Bad Neighborhoods

This is an added individual I’ve been alarm on the order of in lieu of years. Are you reorganization your family on FFA (free in lieu of all) sites, linkdumps and more? You can be putting physically on endanger. Take a accomplished look on the place. Are they given that some real estimate to their visitors? If the answer is rejection at that moment you shouldn’t be reorganization your link at hand. Even if it is a “hot PR6.EDU” domain with a backdoor to facilitate lets you marker your own link, resist the temptation. Google uses person reviewers and they place this stuff and bake surefire minion gets link juice from them, and moreover might punish persons who try.

3. Comment Spam

Don’t make sure of it! There are ample of accomplished opportunities to marker valuable notes on pertinent sites. There is nothing iniquitous with this, however erratically commenting on sites very soon to understand your family up is a bad purpose. If you are difficult to vend diet pills and you marker your link on about automotive enthusiast blog you’ve completed nothing to help your rankings. Hip largely personal belongings inhabit will filter and delete in anyway, and in the the pits pencil case Google will penalize you in lieu of it.

4. Watch Your Bounce Rate

Are you paying attention to your bounce rate? If you’re using Google Analytics on your place, you can check your bounce rate to think about it how often inhabit leave your place the moment. If you bear a excessive bounce rate (around 70% or more, this run to is debated frequently) at that moment many of your customers are hitting your sheet, and the moment leaving. While we don’t know in lieu of surefire if Google is using this as a gesture, I make sure of know personally to facilitate many sites to facilitate understand de indexed in the course of algorithm shuffles seem to bear this in mutual. If your bounce rate is excessive, you need to ask physically “why are inhabit leaving my place so fast?”.

5. Bad Navigation / Intrusive Advertising

This seems to be an added machine sites slammed by Panda bear in mutual. If your navigation is so bad you can’t move around the place effectively, or you bear interstitial ads to facilitate cover the entire sheet, you might be affected by the Panda inform. Many of the sites whack hardest by this inform bear problems with navigating, or bear too many pop ups and interstitials getting in the way of the content.

6. Is the Content Valuable?

This is a pretty plain question, but a very focal individual. Is this accomplished content? Does it characterize I beg your pardon? The searcher is looking in lieu of? If you understand traffic from a appoint of keywords and your sheet content doesn’t match up with them, you won’t keep persons rankings in lieu of long. Google uses person reviewers and after they think about it irrelevant results it’s distinguished. This moreover increases your bounce rate which was mentioned in entry #4.

7. Low Quality Pages on a High Quality Site

Do you bear a only some “splash pages” elsewhere on your place, or about tacky landing pages you habit to vend things? We’ve all completed this, myself built-in and it’s been exposed to facilitate even a only some low quality pages on a excessive quality place will affect the rankings. Google has even be as long as absent and admitted this, so if you bear a extreme place, but a only some spammy landing pages or entry type pages built-in in the place, understand exonerate of them the moment.

8. Doorway or Landing Pages

To stay I beg your pardon? I was very soon maxim higher than, understand exonerate of these. Landing pages are ok as long as you aren’t loading them up with keywords, using hidden text or misleading things like to facilitate. Also you famine to forestall creating landing pages to facilitate are related in all other. Multiple landing pages with related content are flagged as entry pages. Try to forestall responsibility this on all outlay, since it will be singled out up and you will be punished in lieu of it.

9. Too Many Affiliate Links

There is nothing iniquitous with join marketing, in reality many lucrative businesses are built on join programs. It’s individual of the most excellent ways to bake money online due to the lack of overhead, shipping, range and the like. If your place is loaded up with join family however, Google will not rank your place as well. Google has the estimation to facilitate if your place is 100% join content it’s a discard place. Make surefire and add about content in to the place, and habit the join stuff in lieu of ads on the fringe, not authentic content.

10. Keyword Stuffing

Another outdated SEO trick is still being used in the wild, and it still doesn’t opus. Loading up your text with keywords does a only some things in lieu of you. It makes your text minus readable, sounds juvenile and compromises your credibility. Did I remark it it doesn’t opus? Keyword stuffing hasn’t worked in lieu of years, and with the Panda inform, it in reality hurts you. Many of the sites I’ve seen to facilitate were “punished” by Panda were responsibility this. Adding keywords is fine but keep the density very low (3-5%) and bake surefire it sounds natural. Read it absent loud, and if sounds juvenile don’t make sure of it.


I hope these tips help you understand a better purpose of how to Panda impervious your place. Even if you bear been whack by this inform, you can recover. By following these rules you can armor physically in contradiction of outlook updates as well. I bear constant the mantra countless period on my website and elsewhere: Keep it law-abiding. It pays rotten all instance.

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