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How To Perform Instant Criminal Records Lookup For California

California is one of the most populated states in America, and is therefore one of the most popular for “criminal records”. Employers, partners and parents like to use these records to find out more information about someone, and basically allow you to gain a second perspective about someone’s character or past tendencies. Although finding criminal records may have once been tedious and difficult, the good news is that it’s now very easy to do thanks to a variety of reliable Internet resources. Here’s what you need to do to find someone’s criminal records online:

There are two ways that you can use to perform a criminal records lookup for California – by first using government run websites, and then using a professional service. Not many people realize this, but locating criminal records is actually quite easy if you know where the various records are kept for a state. All criminal records are basically public records which the likes of the state’s legal system, Sheriff’s department and other criminal institutions keep for the various people in the state. The way to perform a criminal background lookup is to use the various public records which may show someone’s criminal past. 

The first way to perform a lookup of someone’s criminal details is to use the variety of government-run websites that California offers. CA is one of the most advanced states in the US, and consequently all of its counties & cities have upgraded their legal information to an online system. You can now browse the likes of the San Diego court system website, or the Los Angeles Sheriff’s department site to find a number of different records, including everything from someone’s past court appearances to any arrests warrants for them. Although this is free, it can take a long time to do and there are no guarantees about the reliability of the records you find. 

The second way to perform a criminal records lookup for California is much more reliable & popular – whereby you use a professional lookup service to locate all the information you require with a single search. These websites charge a small fee for access to their database, but once you’re inside – you literally get access to 100’s of millions of records which detail everything from someone’s criminal past. These sites work by purchasing all the public records they can get from all the states in the US, and then compiling them into a central database which you can use to find all the information you need. You can then just perform a single search on their homepage to find all the records you require. This type of lookup is recommended for those who don’t have the time / patience to look for criminal records using the tedious government websites method.

You can perform California criminal records lookup by using the tutorial and websites on our site. You can Click Here to perform a criminal records lookup for California.

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Question by Cheesesteaker: How could I get my criminal record expunged?
I was recently convicted of 3 misdemeanors in the state of Ohio. There were 2 first degree misdemeanors and one second degree misdemeanor. Non of which were for violent behavior. And considering I’m working on my Criminal Justice degree I was told it would be wise to get my record expunged, but I don’t know where the start.

Best answer:

Answer by Mike S
Sounds like a visit to the county courthouse is in order. You can inquire there about the procedures. Depending upon where you live, you might be able to handle the paperwork yourself; most people need an attorney. Whoever told you to get that record expunged should be thanked… that’s excellent advice because even misdemeanors could hurt your career, especially considering your field.

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Seventeen members of the Make UT Sweatshop-Free Coalition went before a Travis County judge Friday for criminal trespass, and each member took a plea deal to have the charges reduced and eventually removed from their record. The members were …
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36 Responses to “How To Perform Instant Criminal Records Lookup For California”

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  • the phoenix suns rock the house:

    Well good news for you I’ve been through the same process! First things first. Visit your counties judiciary (judicial branch)website. Generally you can download the legal forms right from the internet!If not you can request them. If you have done everything the court asked like fines, community service, classes etc you will be fine! GOOD LUCK AND IT TRULY IS A LIFE CHANGER!

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