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How To Record An Acoustic Guitar for an Ensemble

Article by Amitosh Kumar

There are several atypical ways of recording an acoustic guitar. This article will deliver the recording of acoustic guitar in an ensemble setting live or as an overdub.


Here are about steps to take sooner than you LP.

Have a peace extent to LP in. If you are using a studio, appoint up the guitarist in a reasonably empty extent and away from other players if you are recording with a arrange. If you are on family bake surefire the cosmos is peace. You don’t famine to hear appliances, traffic or subconscious noises.

I like to habit a single microphone in lieu of guitar recording in this effort. The motive in lieu of this is to facilitate it makes the sound easier to place in the mix as opposite to a thick stereo sound which can understand lost in the mix.

When I am recording a solo guitar I choose to habit multiple microphones to understand the wider sound as well as the extent character. I will cover these techniques in an added article.

Make surefire you bear a accomplished instrument to LP. Make surefire the guitar has spanking strings and is appoint up accurately. If you don’t bear a accomplished sounding instrument to LP it makes it very obstinate to close up with something accomplished.

Choose Your Gear

Choose your microphone. I bear about favorite microphones in lieu of acoustic guitar recording. One of the mics to facilitate I like is the AKG 451. It is a small capsule condenser mic to facilitate has a extreme ample range response with a fastidious 4dB boost on 5kHz peaking on 10kHz – 15kHz. The AKG 451 moreover has excessive pass filters, individual on 75Hz and individual on 150Hz. These can help understand a accomplished intelligent sound from the instrument. Another individual of my favorite microphones in lieu of guitar is the DPA (B&K) 4011.This mic is expensive but has an extraordinarily lifeless frequency response and is very transparent. The scale to microphone selection is to observe something to facilitate doesn’t color the sound.

Get a accomplished mic preamp. I like to habit API, Tube Tech and Universal Audio preamps but individual of my favorites is the mercy Design Preamp. Mercy has a line of amazingly transparent preamps. I like the M101 since it has a single channel and is a very clean preamp. This is individual of my favorites in lieu of guitar recording.

You can very soon habit the mic-preamp-recording device path or you can add compression and equalization. If you are spanking to recording I would put in a good word for using this gesture path. If you bear experience with compression and EO you can add them depending on the sound you famine.

I like to habit a compressor after I LP acoustic guitar. The compressors to facilitate I like are more often than not tube designs which give out the instrument a little warmer sound. I don’t habit very much, maybe -3dB to -6dB in lieu of the loudest levels.

EQ can be very valuable if you know how you famine to amend the sound of the instrument. But if you habit it poorly it can bake the mix process more obstinate. When I habit it I more often than not individual boost a little 1kHz and maybe about 40Hz rolloff depending on the instrument sound.

Microphone Placement

The placement of the microphone is the biggest adaptable issue in I beg your pardon? Kind of sound you understand. Listen to the instrument. Place your ear wherever you think you will place the mic and think about it I beg your pardon? It sounds like. Usually the guitar will sound brighter (more excessive end) the closer you understand to the sound error. I like to place the mic on the order of 6-12 inches from the meeting point and 3-6 inches rotten axis. This is a accomplished common guideline. The sound you are looking in lieu of must be reasonably intelligent so it will decline through the other instruments. Adjust the mic until is sounds reasonable. Don’t bear the posture of fixing it in the mix!

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