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How To Repair The XBOX 360 Red Ring of Death

Article by Edson Buchanan

The dreaded Xbox 360 red ring of death. Are near 6 terms that may possibly smack extra terror into the hearts of gamers? If you have by no means experienced this setback then consider yourself fortunate. A number of estimates put your probability of receiving this miscalculation as excessive as 1 in 3. If you are one of the unlucky and are experiencing this drawback right at this moment, don’t despair. Here is possibility and help, and it doesn’t require you to mail your system off to that great international corporation whose given name we wish not bring up! Firstly, a small background on Xbox 360 error lights.

The Dreaded Red Ring of Death

The xbox 360 comes with a structure to identify the miscalculation based off the quantity of red lights.

* 1 red light: You are having universal hardware failure. * 2 red lights: Your console is overheating. Turn off and unplug your console at once to dodge damage any damage. * 3 red lights: The red ring of death. Go out with the next section for how to deal with these red lights. * 4 red lights: Your AV cable is limp. Check that your connection is secure, exchange if needed.

The Cause of 1 & 3 Red Light Errors

A limp GPU will cause 1 and 3 red lights on your xbox 360. This is a findings of the cold-soldering used and the temperature given off by the motherboard.

How To deal with The Red Ring Of Death

I hear you loud and clear, “enough information already! Produce me the repair!”

Well, that great international corporation whose brand we desire not bring up would like for you to mail your xbox 360 console to them, along with something like 0. They will take your system for around 8 weeks.

I beg your pardon? You could not know is that you can repair the xbox 360 red ring of death on your own and inside the comfort of your house. The non-techiest person can complete this process inside under an hour. At hand are several guides offered on the internet that deatail this process. Look for one that includes step-by-step videos. Constantly verify that there is a refund option and a way to drop a line to the seller. This will ensure that you are not receiving a rubbish manual reselling the famous “towel trick”.

About the Author

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