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How To Win Your Ex Back -10 Blunders To Avoid

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by SS&SS

Article by John Ryan Dales

You may be wondering how to win your ex back but in spite of all your efforts to stop a break up and patch up again with your ex-partner, you might be actually contributing to the crisis. You could well be stifling the situation further instead of winning back your ex’s heart.

Check whether you are making any of these ten break up blunders.

1.The first is when you tell your ex lover the big error he or she is making by calling it quits. This won’t make them pause and think it over, rather they will think about what a mistake it was to get involved with you in the first place.

2.Calling too soon after the break up.Your ex-partner has just called it quits and this is an sign that a certain quantity of time on their own is needed and obviously a ring too soon may disrupt this need.

3.Calling in a state of inebriation.You have a few more drinks than normal, and you let your heart rule over your head, you dial your ex lovers’ number simply wanting to talk.

4.Sending lots of unwanted email and voice mail messages. This truly won’t help and will in all likelihood just make affairs harder.

5.Expressing feelings of loneliness and depression to your ex since the breakup. You are probably trying to tickle your ex’s sympathy nerves, but actually you are getting to be really arrogant and desperate to your ex-lover. Psychologically speaking this case of behavior is termed as ‘manipulative’ and could boomerang badly in any relationship.

6.Incessantly debating about the breakup, dwelling about the past and danging up memories of positions that are best forgotten. This would undoubtedly draw attention and could perhaps result in some conversation but think about it, is this the way you would like to utilize your time? It really is being fairly immature and in truth isn’t going to get you where you wish to go plus it merely keeps you stuck in the past instead.

7.Confirming your never-ending love through persistent assertions. Even if you think that your ex doesn’t realize how much you actually love them, obviously that is not the issue right now or they wouldn’t have left. Now is the time to take a fresh stock of your position and begin to follow back steps to see what exactly is wrong with the relationship instead of believing that your sincerity could win over the situation.

8.Saying sorry again and again and again. Possibly you did something dreadfully wrong like not keeping a promise or two timing. Being remorseful is natural and asking to be pardoned is perhaps the correct action, but alas not many people know how to truly apologize. Of course never ask to be pardoned all too soon. Just in case you think you have not done anything which involves you apologizing, then you are being unjustified with yourself as you are making serious compromises here and that is not a bold trait in one’s character.

9.Trying to make your ex-partner jealous.This could be a short-term and workable strategy as most people like to have individual rights over their lovers but this can never give you any clue to the break up and help you solve the crisis in any way. If all you are counting on is manipulative tactics to try and win your ex back you will end up with a pretty twisted relationship that will be even harder to keep going for the long term.

10.Begging with them to help you come back.Let me tell you something here. Anyone worth his salt and confident about him or herself would never turn that desperate, which warrants being backwards simply to get back some person in life. Now that you are aware of the common bungling which individuals end up doing trying to get back their ex, it is time to view things with a fresh outlook and find which went wrong when and how and then devise methods to correct them and then you could chalk out a more strategic plan to win your ex back.

These are the beginning steps in winning your ex wife back and these are just part of the proven system that T ‘Dub’ Jackson formulated and refined after consulting with more than 6,000 persons from 67 countries. Read more about T ‘Dub’ Jackson’s complete strategy and proven step-by-step system of how to win your ex back.

About the Author

John Ryan Dales has been working as a relationship advisor for more than a decade already.

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