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How to Write a Sales Letter Fast and Easy Part 1

Article by Chris Howard

If you’re trying to find out how to write a sales letter fast and easy then you’ve come to the right place. Just site back and relax while I take you through all the simple steps you need.

Pardon me for being blunt and for doing away with sugar-coated words but truth be told, coming up with a sales letter that guarantees bang up results doesn’t come as easy. More than that, bagging a positive result from the recipient of that sales letter, more often than not, is just not possible first time out.

The best copywriters usually succeed in doing it because they practice a lot. But for a newbie, wishing to achieve the same thing is crying for the moon. But don’t be disheartened. In due time, when you are seasoned enough, you too can do this.

Consider your writing ability an innate power in you that gradually grows as time passes.

And while you wait for that time to arrive, you can learn ways to bring that talent to its maximum potential that will eventually help you and your company in your sales pitch. Care if i share some tips with you? I’m sure you won’t, right? So here goes:

Step #1: Prepare!

Seasoned copywriters will agree with me when I say that 95% of the work that goes with writing a sure-fire hit sales letter transpires in the preparation stage. It’s not a jaw-dropping fact that even the most excellent copywriters spend weeks of mind boggling work on market research.

You might already agree with me that you need a long time to prepare, but then you may ask, “How do I prepare?”

Well, start by finding an inspiration. Allow your eyes and thoughts to feast on materials related to your industry. Browse magazines, newspapers and the Internet to find those appealing written advertisements from the past to the present. And then, as you can guess it, copy them verbatim. I know, I know, it is not going to be an easy process, but come on, it’s for your own good. When you really come to think of it, there’s no such thing as free lunch. And in this case, you want to get a good start, then pay with your effort. Makes sense, right?

Going back to the process, as you copy them word per word, your mind unconsciously absorbs the format until they become part of you. Remember what your literature teacher told you way back in high school? You become what you read!

But of course, from what you read and absorb, create something inherently yours. For every copy, create one original that is created by you. Then, review what you’ve copied and write another original version. Soon, you’ll be able to come up with something that will pull in go sales. While I know some people find this suggestion absurd and a waste of time, I can only wish them good luck as they skip this process. I hope your sales letter won’t go to the trash can!

Step #2: Know whom you will be dealing with

This is still part of the preparation process. Start this phase by asking yourself these questions:

1.Who am I writing to? and;

2.What do I want them to say yes to?

For instance, you are selling an e-book about How To Remedy Your Insomnia. So, the possible clients to this product should be the insomniacs who are desperate to find a way to get to sleep. The more specific your answers to question # 1, the more specific will be your target for a sales letter.

Step #3: Be in the know of what you’re selling

The next step in the preparation process is to know the perks of what you’re selling. It’s like knowing the power of your weapon so that you”ll be able to hit something with it at the right time and at the right place. Know what its advantages are and focus on elaborating on them. Refuse talking about features that you know will fall short in comparison with its competing product.

Suffice to say, you shouldn’t only focus on your product’s strength: be aware of your competitor’s strength and weaknesses too.

Start this process by listing down every feature of your product. Know every detail of it. If you’re selling an electronic product, you can highlight its color, its two-year guarantee or even the non-lead based paint. Find every good in it and exaggerate!

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