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How to Write a Suspense Story

One of the most challenging to write is a suspense story. Firstly you need a broad scope since such stories reaches audiences with the fears and expectations that goes in our community. Secondly it must give a personal impact any crime or intrigue has on the main character. And thirdly the twist and clues must carry a surprise plus they need to be based n facts that must fit unexpectedly yet were already present from the beginning. There’s a lot of background check that needs to be done and a lot of editing that needs to be taken note of.

1. There’s a need to read. Every successful plot needs to be related by the audience. It needs to be tangible in a sense that firstly people can see it as reality plus they can’t help but turn the pages till they reach they end. Do a research on top cases, which people have found as the most intriguing and terrifying of all. Search criminal records for those whom are regarded as notorious or watch shows that tackle such issues.

2. Check if there are any revisions needed to be made. It pays to perfect the plot. If you think you have achieved mystery in your write-up then there’s no need to delay. Make sure that the said mystery is something that is already present yet unexpectedly fits. go ahead and have it edited once you’ve finished the story.

3. Have it edited and ask for advice. Check first for any typos. Afterward have someone else read and check it. Remember that we are immune to our own mistakes and it pays for someone to check it out as well. Afterward ask for advice on what the editor thinks with the manuscript. have a background check on the whole editing process to understand fully like the editor’s emotion towards the work plus his view on the whole story and his take on you talent. Once you’ve perfected it then go look for someone to have it published.

Madeline is a psychology graduate presently working as a freelance writer and at times handle background check service for a women’s magazines. she is also a ghostwriter for a local newspaper and does background check on search criminal records for her uncle’s law firm which also helps her with her writing stint.

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34 Responses to “How to Write a Suspense Story”

  • tleskk:

    Loved it.

  • randomlikings:

    That is a horrible thing to say, holy shit man! Dislike the team all you want but saying something like this is completely uncalled for and unbelievably disgusting. I really hope you have your looks going for you, because you obviously have a horrible black heart. Seek help you colossal douchebag!

  • ohhmatty:

    do something about it chump

  • asmyth011:

    Damn if only your mom used birth control……. The world would be a better place

  • GuerillaGrodd:

    Jesse’s anything but a Pussy. im not tryin to argue, but he’d throw down with anyone.

  • max432156:

    Van has one of the best fan base in the nhl, if it was Pheonix than no one would give a fuck, btw im not a canucks fan

  • jason a:

    3 to 5 years it will not show up on a mvr,,,,, but it will always be on the states record

  • rockandroll58-79:

    Not until the suspension is over and then it will be removed.

  • mopargrapeape:

    It will remain on your record for a set length of time and then I drops off automatically. I don’t think you can have it removed.

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