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I HATE Google Adwords….Or Atleast I Used To

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by JStove

Article by Ricky Ruto

‘Google Adwords!’, ‘Google Adwords!’, ‘Have You Heard Of Google Adwords?!’. ‘You should use Google Adwords’, ‘Let Me Tell You How to Get the Most Out of Your Google Adwords Campaign!’.’Have Lunch With Google Adwords!’ ‘Win a Dinner Date With Google Adwords!’

I swear there was a point when I started out as an Internet Marketer that I would literally and I say this with a completely straight face. I would begin to get nauseous when the words ‘Google Adwords’ were mentioned. In fact while I write this I’m starting to feel slightly sick…. Might need a moment to compose myself….. Okay I’m alright now.

Why this was happening was because almost every single ‘Guru’ and program out there was talking about ‘Google Adwords’. ‘How great it can be for traffic generation’, ‘how quickly it can grow your business’, how it should win the Nobel Peace Prize! Now I have nothing against Google Adwords but what I did have something against starting out was that this bunch of morons were telling me about something I couldn’t afford! ‘Helloooooo!’ I’d be screaming in my mind, I just spent my last dime on these Internet Marketing Programs, Products and Memberships does it LOOK like I can afford a Google Adwords Campaign?

I’d obviously like to sit here with You and vent all about those early days but the point of this article is to actually give You some of the tips I was given by My mentor Mack Michaels in His Training Club which I was lucky to find and join quite early in my career.

There are numerous things He’s taught Me over the years but what I want to share with You are some Free Traffic Generation techniques that fueled (and still fuel) thousands of my sales.

1) Post Well Written Classifieds.

At UsFree ads ( You’re able to get an account and post classifieds for Your product. The most important thing about this is to make sure that Your ads are well written so You make the most of the exposure You’re getting. The next thing which I added to this myself is to place a different spin on Your product and put that different spin in different categories. Let me tell You right now if You’re creative enough You could sell a weight loss product as a business opportunity. I’m the first to admit I couldn’t spin a weight loss product to the point I can market it as a Business Opportunity but then again I’m not You. Who knows You might be a Genius marketer and if that is the case drop me a line so I can steal some of Your ideas!

2) Post in Forums.

‘Pardon?’ Not to worry You did read correctly, Your mind is still intact and Yes so is mine. What You’d do with this method is that You’d consider a two things. ‘Who are my customers?’, ‘What kind of Forums would they go to?’ After that You’d join those forums and add Your affiliate link or product website to Your Signature.

Now all You have to do is post interesting, funny, captivating quotes and Your link will be right there staring whoever reads Your post right in the kisser. Before You start saying Well how much traffic could that really bring in?’ Let me ask You this if the traffic is free no matter what the amount isn’t it worth getting? If You’re not agreeing at this point then…well let’s move on to the next method.

3) Craigslist

We all know craigslist, it has over 4 billions hits a month. Let me type out that number so You can understand the gravity of it 4,000,000,000.00 Hits! Now let me tell You this, at a number like that it doesn’t matter if they’re all unique hits or a bunch of people with ADHD & OCD clicking there about 100,000 times each. The fact of the matter is You’ve got an ocean of people and all You really want is a cup and You’re laughing (to the bank that is).

The one thing about craigslist though is that creativity really does play a major role. There will be thousands of other ads so You have to make Your stand out. Also make sure to follow the guidelines here. In my early days I thought I could somehow ‘slip under the radar’ with some of my posts but I assure You I was caught faster than a man trying to swim away from Alcatraz.

Since I don’t want to make this into an in depth essay I will leave You with these 3 methods which I assure You will be more than ample to get You started.

Thanks for spending a couple of ticks with Me.

Have a Beautiful Night.

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