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I Love To Ride My Bicycle

Article by Shelli Thompson

There are many importand things about your bike and the Seat is going to be foremost in your mind, especially if it isn’t the right seat.

I am not trying to snoop where I shouldn’t but (pardon the pun) if you haven’t been riding ANY seat will bother you at first.

Every year I put up with a bruise on my “sit down” that last for about 2 weeks then everything is all toughened up and ready for the long rides.

Nonetheless you should strive to select a seat that will be comfortable for at least 20 miles even if you never intend to go farther than 5.

A great wide gel seat is going to be you’re most comfortable, but make sure and check every one out there that you see before settling on any certain one. I can say in all certainty that the seat that comes with your bike is NOT going to fit the bill, sorry to say.

There has been quite an “influx” of ridership in the past few years and it is interesting visiting different places to see what they are riding.

In the Portland Oregon Area where Biking is king I see a lot of road bikes, many of them have baskets for commuting.

When we head to Central Oregon there are just as many bikes but they are so different. They really like the “retro” looking bikes in Bend especially. They look like the bikes of the 1940’s with no gears and the cool handlebars. I’m sure they are much lighter that the original counterparts.

So now what type of “look” are you going for while you are riding your bike? There are a few different types.

The “I don’t care look” (could be kind of messy)

The “spandex look” (sleek and trim)

The 1940’s dress & bobby sox look (yep, actually seen in Bend Oregon)

The Racer Look (racing jersey with water pouch in back)

The kids riding to the park look (very casual)

The serious rider when I’m not at the office look. (This person has all “top notch” stuff)

So select the look that you like the best, just remember that you need to be able to move so nothing to tight (I left out the “I’m picking up on you look”) and always make sure and wear a helmet because you might be a good “driver” but others might not be, so keep that in mind and ride your bike defensively.

Now that we are on the subject of defense, it is a good time to talk about bike safety. First of all always ride with your best interest in mind and remember the cars are much bigger than you and it hurts if they hit you.

If you live in a place that doesn’t have bike lanes you might want to take you bike to a place that does. Many people have been hit and killed just riding down the road. Always make sure that where you are riding trail is well lit and not to far off the beaten path.

Accidents are called accidents for a reason; you never know when you are going to have one and the farther you are away from civilization the less likely there will be anyone that will come along to help.

Always carry identification and if you have one, which I don’t know anyone who doesn’t bring your cell phone. Have a little bag with an Allen wrench, bungee, bandages, screw driver and what ever tools you require and it’s always a good idea to have one of those handy little pumps.

Most bikes don’t have them but one of the first modifications you should do on your bike is attach a water bottle holder, this is imperative and I always like one of those flat book racks because they serve two purposes.

One, they work pretty good as a splash guard so you don’t get the unsightly muddy wet stripe up your back and two, it actually is pretty handy to carrying stuff on. One time I even strapped a box onto the thing and went to the grocery store, good thing the list wasn’t very long.

What ever you do, start at a pace that is right for you. Remember how ever far you ride away from home, you have to make it the same distance to get back home. Always let someone know where you are going if you are off the beaten path. Carry plenty of fluids and a snack is always a great idea. Don’t forget that cell phone, it could really save your life.

About the Author

Shelli Thompson and her husband Gordon are self employed Entrepreneurs. They just created an internet marketing company together last year. They love nature & Travel, Fitness & Nutrition, Friends & Family. Shelli is a member of International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) and National Aerobic and Fitness Trainers Association (NAFTA).

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