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Illinois – America Criminal Record Pardon Application

Application for Pardon – Get a Pardon or Expungement

Get a Pardon from your America criminal record.  What is a Pardon?  Quite simply it’s having your criminal record sealed, destroyed or cleared.  Apply for a America Criminal Record Pardon and you can keep your record your business and no one else’s business.  Your Federal or State Pardon will make your record inaccessible without your permission.


A Federal or State Pardon is referred to as a Sealed Record.  It represents a free start in life.  Whatever criminal pardon you may be seeking, a Federal or State pardon signifies that you have complied with justice and paid your debt to society.


Once your criminal record pardon, your Federal or State government pardon, is granted you will instantly gain opportunities to improve your life, your happiness.  You’ll be on the same footing with all other Americans for job opportunities that open up.  Travel becomes easier and you gain new opportunities for education and advancement.


A Waiver – An Entry Form necessary for entry into the Canada

Those individuals with a criminal record attempting to enter the Canada, without a criminal record pardon, will be denied entry.  A computer search for criminal records are made by Canadian Custom and Immigration Officers.


Pardon Services – Application for Pardon or Waiver

How to Get a Pardon – How to get a Waiver

Pardon Services file all the Federal or State paperwork for you.  Yes, you can file the papers yourself but why take the chance at not filing completely nor correctly?  For a reasonable fee a Pardon Services company will make certain that your application for pardon is properly and completely prepared.  Your Pardon Services Company will then assure that your complete and correctly filed application for pardon is forwarded to the appropriate federal or state government pardon department.  Get a pardon with the competent help of a Pardon Services company.


How to choose a Pardon Services company:

1. Call the toll free number of a Pardon Services company and speak with the well versed, knowledgeable, trained Pardon Services Agent.  The Pardon Services Agent is there to help and advise you.  The Pardon Services Agent wants to help you successfully get a government pardon.  And their Pardon Services call is toll free.

2. Be honest about your wanting a criminal record pardon or a US Waiver.  Answer their questions honestly and completely.

3. They may have a payment plan.  Ask.


Federal Pardon(s)

The President of the United Sates grants pardons under Article 11, Section 2 of the United States Government.  This power includes the power to grant pardons, conditional pardons, commutations of sentences, conditional commutations of sentences, remissions of fines and forfeitures, respites and Amnesties.

Federal pardon petitions are addressed to the President who typically refers the application for pardon for review and non-binding recommendations from the Office of the Pardon Attorney at the Department of Justice.  A Presidential Pardon can be granted at any time during the criminal’s sentence.

A Presidential pardon will restore various rights lost due to a criminal conviction.


Illinois Criminal Pardon Application – State Pardon

The Illinois State Pardon Board may grant two forms of Pardon.  A full pardon restores all your Rights.  A Pardon with Restrictions restores all except some Rights.  For example you may not have restored the right to bear arms or you may be restricted due to sex offender crimes.  The Pardon Board has the discretion to place any other restrictions on your pardon, as the Board deems necessary under the circumstances.  Pardon applicants living in Illinois my have a pardon granted with restoration of some or all civil and political Rights.

A State Pardon from the Illinois Pardon Board regarding a Federal Criminal Offence is only good in Illinois.  You may submit a written request to the head of the agency responsible for maintaining past conviction or current offender information, asking the agency to seal your criminal record.

A Pardon will remove the Illinois State penalties and Illinois State imposed disabilities that resulted from your criminal conviction and will restore all your rightful civil Rights. All Agencies holding the your criminal record will destroy the record or remove all mention of your name from all public records. It relieves you, the defendant, of certain State penalties and State imposed disabilities that result ed from a criminal action.  Even if you were found not guilty you still need to be expunged.

Under the laws of the State of Illinois you do not have disclose any past conviction or charges to any employers or potential employers after you have been expunged or sealed.   If you have your records expunged, in many cases, the records will not be available to employers nor the general public.  Your criminal record will be treated like it never existed.  When you next fill out a job application, you do not have to tell employer nor fellow staff about your expunged case.

The Illinois Legislature passed new laws effective June 1, 2005, making it possible for Class 4 Felony Drug Possession and Class 4 Felony Prostitution convictions to be eligible to be sealed 4 years after the sentence is completed.

Note: The Criminal Identification Act was drafted to expunge and to seal an individual, your criminal record.

Note: It does not apply to traffic tickets, divorces or orders of protection..

Felonies in the State of Illinois:
Most felony arrests and convictions cannot be expunged or sealed without a State pardon specifically authorizing an expungement. There are a few exceptions recognized by the State; arrests and convictions for Class 4 Felony Drug Possession and Class 4 Felony Prostitution cases may qualify to be sealed. Felony arrests that do not result in a conviction may be expunged.

Misdemeanors in the State of Illinois:

1. Most misdemeanor convictions in Illinois can be expunged or sealed. Class 4 Felony Drug Possession:

2. If you are asking to have your class 4 Felony Drug Possession case sealed, the Criminal Identification Act requires that you attach proof to your petition that you have passed a drug test taken within 30 days before you file your petition. Only drug convictions for “simple” possession cases can be sealed.

3. Drug convictions for “possession with intent” cannot be sealed.
Pardon in the State of Illinois:

4. A pardon will remove the State penalties and State imposed disabilities that resulted from the conviction and will restore all Civil Rights. All State Agencies holding the record will destroy the record or remove all mention of your name from the public record. Your Pardon relieves you, the defendant, of certain State penalties and State imposed disabilities that resulted from your actions.


Who is Eligible for a Federal or State Government Pardon?

When you apply for a pardon you must have completed the following requirements:

1. You must have completed your sentence including any and all parole   requirements

2. You must have paid any and all fines related to your case

3. You must have paid any and all financial penalties related to your case

4. You must have completed your probation period

5. You must have served any waiting time

6. You must have demonstrated that you are a law-abiding citizen

7. There may be other criteria in your case



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