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Immigration court backlog is at a record high – US Immigration Faux Pas

getting a pardon
by skampy

Article by Mickey Chawla

Any immigration law system is likely to get quite lengthy, which is why immigration court backlog is at a record high. Moreover the time taken for obtaining and processing the documents required, are also very long and this accounts for most of the delay. The truth is, accumulating every one of the assisting files is important for convincing the US Government that you qualify to be accepted as a permanent resident to the US. Then again, it will be incorrect to assume that everybody can obtain gain access to the US.

What occurs any time Immigration related cases pile up?

When you talk about Iowa, the whole process of immigration there takes an abnormal period of time to complete. For this reason, many of these immigration cases are pushed off to the courts in Nebraska, where this pileup of cases accounts for the reason why the wait time period to complete a case can effectively be 525 days, which exceeds the national average waiting period which is only 482 days. Some of the other states which have a poor record in this respect are California, 639 days and Massachusetts, with 615 days delay. It is for this reason that immigration court backlog is at a record high.

There really is no true document that could indicate the exact number of cases pending for settlement in the Nebraska courts and therefore, it’s difficult to ascertain also the sheer number of like cases which originated in Iowa. Miryam Ant

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