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Immigration FAQ Listen in as Immigration Attorney Brad Bernstein of Spar & Bernstein, PC tackles a wide range of immigration questions relating to everything from green cards, deportation, education visas, work visas, adoption visas, permanent residence, naturalization, entertainment visas, sports visas, and anything else related to immigration law. Top US & New York Immigration Lawyer/Attorney Brad Bernstein and his associates give free advice to callers at Immigration Link Show on Linkup Radio 93.5 FM. Immigration Link Radio Show is aired Monday through Friday, 12:00pm-12:30pm EST, on 93.5 FM in New York City Metro Area and on our website at To schedule a consultation with The Law Offices of Spar & Bernstein, please call 1-800-522.0804 (within USA) or 1-212-227-3636 (outside of USA). Also please visit our cool blog, Spar & Bernstein’s Immigration Law Link

Immigration pardon
by SS&SS

Please check if the vacant positions announced by NEW CANADA Hotel in Quebec is real?
My staff in my office here in the Philippines was offered a position as Gift Shop Manager for a contract of 2 years in New Canada Hotel at Quebec. She was offered a monthly salary of ,500 USD. She was made to coordinate at the Immigration Office and to…

My chinese visa expires on the 9th sept, but my flight is on the 10th, what will happen?
My visa expires on the 9th september but my flight is at 6am on the 10th. what should i do? i tried extended my visa but it will take until the 11th. What will happen if i turn up at the airport on the 10th with an invalid…

Will I get an actual document or hard copy of my Australian visa?
I just applied and got approved for my Australian student visa and was e-mailed my visa number and told that I would need to have it with me. I assumed that I would be mailed or receive some kind of actual document, stamp, or other item at some point… I can’t…

Should the USA conduct a Punitive Expedition into Mexico again to punish it?
Mexico is invading our country one militia member at a time and it’s army is routinely invading the USA and kidnapping US Citizens and protecting drug shipments.Why don’t we conduct a Punitive Expedition into Mexico to punish it like we did in the past?

Why isn’t the phrase “build the wall” understood for what it really means?
It means build the wall. It means enforce the laws and deport those who break them if they’re illegal aliens and jail them if they are citizens who hire them. Build the wall means not having to press ONE for your own language, or having to hunt around on the package till…

How does a person move to another country?
I’m not thinking about moving. But I’ve always wondered how hard it would be to move from one country to another. Do you have to apply for a green card in another country like here in America? How do you find housing, job, etc.?

Spanglish is not acceptable! That’s why the USA need Bilingual Education in all grades of Public Schools! OK?
Educational Reforms!!-We don’t need more generations of Anglo-Monolinguals! Like Lou!!

When Reagan signed the amnesty, the congress passed the bill first or, they didn’t do anything and?
Reagan just signed his own law by himself?

Hey please tell me what to do cause I am lost.?
Alright. here is the story. I was brought by my parents to the U.S. from Mexico when I was 2 years old. Then they left me with my grandparents later and they both simply disappear. I have never gone back to mexico and if i were to get deported I would have no where to…

I have a UK student visa and want to leave my place of study, do I have to leave UK or can I find a new school
The contract I signed (and paid !?0 for) has been breached as we are being forced to work in poor conditions as part of the programme, I have asked to leave but have been told I will be reported…

I’m a legal resident and I just

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