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Impressive Corporate Gifts from Stelton & Eva Solo

Article by Jason Bogatai

It’s every PA’s (Personal Assistant) nightmare…

The boss storms in and says ‘I’ve got 20 Japanese investors coming tomorrow afternoon and we need to give them something!’

These guys own whole companies and small islands, what sort of a gift can you buy (with petty cash at that!) which will IMPRESS them???

Well today I let you in on Sydney City’s best kept corporate gifts secret. There’s a huge range of designer corporate gifts in the Chifley Tower shopping plaza! Bristol and Brooks not only stock a spectacular range, they sell online and post express with same day dispatch service so you don’t have to worry about your manager’s deadline!

With scores of designer labels including Alessi and PlaySam (the corporate gift kings of toy cars!) there’s plenty to chose from.

Browse their website by category, or type in a search word. If you’re stuck for ideas, hit the ‘new gift ideas’ link for their current top 20!

Just so you can visual what’s on the inside however, here are two designer label highlights that in my experience will both impress and refresh guests, clients, suppliers, investors, managers or employees…

Eva SoloEva Solo as a designer is synonymous with style, and has a flair for natural themes and lines, highlighted by the beautiful bird products. But as corporate gifts specialities, I’d like to give you three hot tips:

1. Eva Solo Credit Card Holder — Practical, professional, poised. Suitable for so many recipients and sized for travellers.2. Eva Solo Leaf Dish — Elegant, this item will surely impress those of a refined taste, perhaps more mature in years.3. Eva Solo Smiley Bowl — A little more on the fun side, but all class, this gift could even be filled with a reminder of your company!

You can search for any of the above keywords at the website or just type in the brand name to see the full range from that designer.

SteltonThe second designer label I just can’t go past in recommending designer gifts is Stelton. They’ve been doing it for years now, and they continue to encircle a wider and wider audience appeal with their corporate giftware. Here’s just four:

1. Stelton I:cons Money Clip — How much more refined could this extremely stylish reminder of your company’s hospitality be?2. Stelton I:cons Card Holder — Also from this refined range, the practicality of filling this gift with your business cards is obvious.3. Stelton Mi:key Keyring — Throw the practicality away! This designer photo frame/keyring touches the heart!4. Stelton Martini Mixer w/spoon — For those special PR and networking people, this beautiful stainless steel idea is sure to send them reeling, pleased as punch (pardon the pun).

The bottom line is you will never be stuck for ideas or for design quality when looking for the perfect corporate gifts. Whether or not you can come in person or want us to express post your gift, a single item or many, designer corporate gifts from Bristol and Brooks are the classy solution.

Some offices have even used the online gift registry (which doubles as a bridal gift registry) to send their favored employee off with a list of gifts they chose themselves! What could be more personal as an appreciative goodbye?

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About the Author

You’ve probably read Jason’s highly successful Alessi reviews, but he’s not partial to Italians, it’s design style that he loves! So he’d just as readily recommend Stelton and Eva Solo. He’s also this years Corporate Gift Wrapping Awards winner!!

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