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Increasing Employment Prospects by Obtaining Criminal Pardon

In this video I will explain what a criminal pardon is and the benefits of getting one. For more information visit us at www.legalpardons.ca Also Make sure you check out our Blog www.legalpardons.ca
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Finding employment after having been arrested or convicted of a crime is incredibly challenging. Because criminal records are available to the general public, it is easy for an employer to access a potential candidate’s personal information. Having a criminal record can be a serious disadvantage for someone seeking a career opportunity.

Before hiring, it is standard procedure for employers to conduct a criminal record check. If a person does have a criminal record, it is likely employers will be hesitant to hire the candidate, questioning their character and integrity. Even if the charges are only minor, it can still leave things up to question. Fortunately, a person can have a Canadian criminal record removed with a pardon.

Advantages of a Pardon
Getting a criminal record removed with a pardon ensures that all of the person’s criminal records and charges will be separate from any other personal records. The criminal record does not disappear, however it will be sealed from other individuals and organizations, allowing a person the same chances and opportunities as other candidates. Any information concerning convictions will be removed from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) and will not be disclosed without the permission of the Minister of Public Safety Canada.

According to the Canadian Human Rights Act (CRA), any discrimination based on a pardoned conviction is forbidden. This extends to working for a federal agency. The CRA states that “no employment application form within the federal public service may ask any question that would require an applicant to disclose a pardoned conviction”.

How to Obtain a Pardon
A person can apply for a pardon by contacting the Canadian government once their sentence is complete and a certain amount of time has elapsed. Specifically, the person has paid their fines in full; has served all of their time (which includes parole or statutory release); and has satisfied their probation order.

In order to apply, a person must first obtain a Pardon Application Guide from the NPB offices or from the RCMP offices. The Guide will outline how to acquire the documents required, such as the criminal record, police records check and any other important information. The application is all that is required. Applicants need not hire a lawyer or representative to apply.

Obtaining a criminal pardon will be more valuable for finding a job than anything else. Not only will doors open, but can offer true peace of mind. A Canadian pardon gives those with a criminal past, the chance to find success and security in the future.

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Stop giving pardons to guys that have raped 20+ kids and then giving perminent criminal records to high school kids for smoking dope – by Uthanized_Dream (Dani B)

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